5 C’s to Eat Like a Cowboy

by | May 15, 2018 | Articles, Life & Style, Nutrition, The Team

Want to be like a Cowboy, look like a Cowboy and play like a Cowboy? Then eat like one! Most professional athletes don’t get to where they are by sitting around snacking on chips and candy all day. If they want to stay strong through a touch training season, they need to eat to promote energy and recovery. So do you! If you want to feel energized to get to the gym at 5am, chase your kids or close business deals, follow these 5 C’s to eat like a Cowboy!



Calculate Your Needs

Before you can eat to win, you need to know your needs. Using a food tracker or app, calculate your calorie and macronutrient needs based on the amount of exercise you do. Just like a Cowboy, knowing how much to eat is just as important as knowing what to eat.



Consider Your Calories At Each Meal

Some people get caught up in their day and forget to eat at regular intervals. Skipping meals and snacks can lead to low blood sugar, cravings and over-eating later. So, be sure to consider the amount of calories you need at each meal and snack to help your blood sugar and energy levels stay stable throughout the day.


Count Your Carbs

While carbohydrates are a great source of energy for the body, this group of foods can get people in trouble in a hurry, as they are easy to over-eat. You need carbs to fuel your body, mind and workouts, but you need them in relation to how much you exercise. The more you move – the more you can carb-up, the less you move – the less you need.




Combine The Right Foods

Combining carbohydrates and protein will help you feel better and have more energy over the course of the day, not to mention help prevent energy lulls. Pairing foods like eggs and oatmeal, cheese and whole grain crackers, Greek yogurt and fruit, chicken and quinoa, etc. are the winning combination for energy!


Cheat Minimally

Everyone needs a little splurging in their eating plan for sanity! To think you are never going to eat another piece of cake or bowl of chips and guacamole is not realistic. But, if you want to eat like a Cowboy, focus on eating for your goal and cheat minimally.


When you do splurge, eat some of what you want, not everything you ever wanted. Less cheating leads to quicker results!