5 Must-Do’s Following the Combine

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Articles, Life & Style, Nutrition

The NFL Combine just wrapped. In case you don’t know all details, the combine is basically a showcase of players looking to get drafted into the NFL in May. It is a time to show-off their skill and ability for coaches and scouts to see, in hopes that they too become the next Dak Prescott, Jason Witten or Dez Bryant. Players train months so that they are in their best, tip-top shape for these few days.

The prep for the event is great, but just like the players need to keep up this training so they stay in shape for NFL season, we also need to keep up our training so that we stay healthy and fit year-round, not just for an event. Here are 5 helpful tools to stay in great shape:



Put Exercise on Your To-Do List

As a registered dietitian, I see people work their booties off to fit in an outfit for an event and then they totally abandon the cause after it is over, only to have to repeat this for the next event. Don’t waste all the hard work, prioritize exercise! Make it something you have on your to-do list daily. Adding it to your schedule, like a meeting, can be a helpful way to remember.



Get an Eating Game Plan

Healthy eating does not just happen! I would love to tell you that healthy snacks and nutrient-rich meals just appear, but they don’t. You have to put the effort into having healthy snacks and meals around so game plan for it. Make a list of what you need for the week, stuff your bag and have quality ingredients in your house so you can throw a meal together in a pinch.


Make it Easy

No one has time to be Martha Stewart every day, so have quick meal and snack ideas around for you and your family. Taking a little time on the weekend to wash and cut fruits and veggies or snack-bag whole grain crackers and nuts will make healthier choices easier during the week. Don’t put it off, prep in advance so the next week makes your life easier!




Don’t Abandon a Day After One Choice

Many people might slip and eat a donut from their office breakfast or French fries off their child’s lunch plate and think “I blew it, the whole day of eating is over” and then make less healthy choices all day long. That was one choice, use the rest of the day to balance it out with nutrient-rich, calorie-controlled options. Focus on better options later in the day and you will be just fine!



Think Before You Act

Yes, a drive-through, convenient store or airport will likely appear in your future, so think before you act. While there are lots of less quality options, there are lots of nutrient-rich options available at these places, but you have to choose them. When stress comes, many of us act and eat impulsively, often choosing the less healthy option. So, take a second and think about your choice so that your health and waistline stay intact.