5 Reasons Travis Frederick Is the Perfect Santa Claus!

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Articles, Entertainment, Life & Style, The Team

Travis Frederick, the Cowboys’ All Pro center, served as Saint Nick’s special envoy from the North Pole during the 12th Annual Family Place Christmas of Giving party organized by the Jason Witten SCORE Foundation and the Dallas Cowboys Women’s Bible Study.

The annual holiday party is a special night for parents and children served by The Family Place, a shelter located in Dallas for victims of domestic violence. The night is full of fellowship, holiday cheer, food, live music, and gifts.

After visiting The Ice Exhibit at The Gaylord Texan, the residents of The Family Place are treated to holiday music, pizza, and holiday cookies. And then the band strikes up ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ as Jolly Old Saint Nick…or at least a Dallas Cowboy working as Saint Nick’s emissary…arrives with the Christmas presents. Jason Witten then joins Travis…umm…we meant ‘Santa’…at the front of the stage to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

This year’s event marked the second time that Travis donned the red suit. To commemorate his excellent work, we’ve compiled a list of “5 Reasons Travis Frederick Is the Perfect Ambassador for Santa Claus”.

1. HE ALREADY OWNS HIS OWN SUIT: “Yes, I have my own red Santa suit,” notes Travis. “It started as a Halloween costume. Since then, it’s transformed into a yearly Santa suit for Jason & Michelle’s party.

2. HE ALREADY ROCKS AN AWESOME BEARD: “I have tried to keep the beard in mid-season form. This is the most important event and the reason I have a beard in the first place. Yes, there is a lot of spray/dye and it takes a little bit of work, but it molds into a nice, white beard.”

3. HE’S GOT THE TERMINOLOGY DOWN: “This is my second year to help Santa Claus at Jason’s party. My son (Oliver) is now old enough that he can help me out. Before I left, I asked him what Santa says. And he responded with a jolly ‘HO HO HO’. Now that he knows that, he was able to help me.”

4. HE UNDERSTANDS THE SPIRIT OF ‘GIVING’: “It’s always great when you get to come do something like this for a fun and meaningful event. I’m so fortunate that my teammates came to support my foundation’s event earlier this season, my act of giving. For our Blocking Out Hunger Foundation, we were able to raise money to feed a lot of kids that aren’t able to secure their own food. My teammates really showed up, so I’m happy to pay it forward.”

5. THE SPIRIT OF GIVING EPITOMIZES ‘TEAMWORK’ BEYOND THE FIELD: “They say football is the ultimate team game and that people have to work together all the time. That applies off-the-field as well. We often get so wrapped up in what we do during the week at The Star or on game days at the stadium that we need the support we get at home from our wife or fiancé or girlfriend. It really helps our season because we can focus on work. When we have an event like this, it flips it around and we’re able to help Michelle and everyone in the Cowboys Women’s Association. We, as husbands and boyfriends, can support our wife or our fiancé to make this a successful night, to make it fun for all these families that enjoy the Christmas gifts and the pizza and the party.”

Travis learned last year, his first time in the Santa suit, the special feeling of a child looking into his eyes and thinking he’s really Saint Nick.

“It’s fun because you know you’re bringing a little bit of magic to their lives,” he says with a laugh. “I do get hard questions, though, about why I’m at the party instead of working at the North Pole. The kids want to make sure Santa gets everything done by Christmas morning!”

The Family Place Christmas of Giving party is funded by the Jason Witten SCORE Foundation with generous contributions from Carol Roberts and her team at Albertson’s. The pizza was delivered compliments of Papa John’s Pizza. And the Witten Family and Dallas Cowboys Women’s Association also appreciate the generosity of JC Penney which stuffed the parents’ gift bags with gift cards and holiday presents.

Special kudos to Michelle Witten who spends hundreds of hours coordinating the event each year, as well as the special ladies of the Dallas Cowboys Women’s Bible Study that shop for the presents, gift wrap, and serve as hostesses during the party.

The Cowboys players and coaches that joined Jason Witten and Travis Frederick as co-hosts included:  Jeff Heath, Zack Martin, Tyrone Crawford, Jameill Showers, Geoff Swaim, fullback Tyler Clutts, safety Willie Pile, director of sports performance Scott Sehnert, and strength & conditioning coach Brett Bech.