Our Thoughts When Announcers Said…

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Articles, Entertainment, The Team, Videos

We’re now officially entering week 6 and couldn’t be more excited. But with football, come announcers. Scroll and enjoy the hand-selected GIFs that perfectly illustrate our thoughts based on what commenters were saying during Sunday’s game against the Packers.


“March Down the Field” 

What it means: The defense is doing a poor job stopping the offense, therefore the offense is swiftly moving towards the end zone with ease.

Why they said it: The Cowboys’ second to last possession was phenomenal. 1st down after 1st down until Dak finally delivered us a TD himself.

What we thought of:


“He Came to Play”

What it means: The star of the game is performing splendidly, better so, than usual. He’s incredibly focused and isn’t messing around.

Why they said it: Did you see the performance Dak gave? ‘Nuff said.

What we think of:


“Brought His A-Game” 

What it means: To be completely prepared to play at your very best level.

Why they said it: David Irving’s return to the line-up was magical and he wasted no time showing us that he missed us just as much as we missed him. What a performance!

What we think of:


“These Teams Don’t Like Each Other” 

What it means: These two teams have some sort of animosity built up towards each other from past events. More so with each other than with any other teams.

Why they said it: Last Season. 2nd Round of Playoffs. Green Bay vs. Dallas. Please don’t make me say the rest.

What we think of:


“Looking off the Defense” 

What it means: when a quarterback eyeballs a defensive back, giving the defensive player the impression that he’s throwing the ball toward his area. In actuality, the quarterback throws the ball in a different direction, fooling the defensive back.

Why they said it: Dak, back it again with the shifty moves! Not to sound like a broken record, but Dak illustrated “looking off the defense” perfectly in our last touchdown of the game when he faked a handoff to Zeke and ran the ball for a personal touchdown!

What we think of:



That’s all folks! See you in a couple weeks with more after our game against the 49ers!