A Look Back at #GBvsDAL Through GIFs

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Articles, Entertainment, The Team

Well, the rematch came and went – with the same outcome as last time. That doesn’t mean the game wasn’t incredibly exciting though. Here’s a look back at #GBvsDAL through GIFs.

After a collection of first downs during our first possession, Beasley gets us on the board first: 7-0!



However the Packers respond with a TD, but miss the extra point. 7-6.



Then there was the insane scramble from Dak to Butler that puts us at Green Bay’s 29 yard line!



And Beasley’s back with more sauce for another TD and it’s 14-7 Cowboys!!



After that, Tyrone Crawford gets the sack!



And then David Irving gets another on 3rd down!!!



Dak runs to grab the first down.



And then dives through the line for another 1st down.



And we’re loving Dak to Dez for the TD. 21-6!



On defense, Irving gets his second sack on the day.



And then there’s GB after they miss their second extra point.



It was an awkward end to the first half, but the Cowboys hold the lead 21-12.



But during halftime you start thinking about what happened after the last halftime we had…



But we end up holding them to a FG and even I’m nervous for Crosby’s sake at this point. (😉)



But later, penalties give GB the first down instead of them having to line up for a FG attempt.



And I’m like “momentum, has anyone seen our momentum?” GB just took the lead 21-22.



But then Zeke runs it to the 50!



And Scandrick breaks up the pass!



But then Dak’s throw goes right through Williams’ hands at the worst possible time… and it’s 24-28 Packers.



Time is running out and it’s 4th and 1 and they say we’re short, but the replay says otherwise…



Then Dak sneaks in for the TD to give us the lead, but there’s still 1:13 on the clock.



And unfortunately the defense we saw in the 1st half was no where to be seen in the 2nd and GB rushes down the field for the final TD. 31-35 Packers. Ugh.