A Look Back at #WASvsDAL Through GIFs

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Articles, Entertainment, The Team

THERE WE GO! Back on track. Let’s relive last night’s victory again shall we?

When we go three and out for our first possession.



And then the Redskins look like they’re about to score the first TD of the night but Jeff Heath intercepts the ball at the goal line!



When Crowder fumbles on the return thanks to Wilber, and it’s recovered by your Boys!



It’s 3rd and 5 and Dak grabs the first Cowboys’ 1st down at the end of the quarter!



After a great throw to Dez puts us in the red zone early in the second quarter.



Then Dak connects with Witten in the end zone for the TD!!



Redskins fans when Lawrence’s sack on Cousins jars loose the ball that’s recovered by the Cowboys.



Dan Bailey’s back at it again! 10-0 Cowboys.



Watching Ryan Switzer return the ball ALL. THE. WAY. for the touchdown!!! 16-0 Cowboys.



Us watching Cousins connect with Crowder that puts them on our 26 yard line.



Redskins get one in before the half and we start thinking of halftimes of the past…



When Dak throws long to Williams for the first down!



Then it’s Dak to Dez for a gain of 24 yards late in the third quarter.



It’s 3rd and 5 and Dak throws it up for Dez to grab Air Jordan style in the end zone!! 24-7 Cowboys.



When Cousins’ throw is caught by Doctson in the end zone to keep the Redskins in the game 24-14.



After Alfred Morris puts the game away against his former team and runs it in for the TD 31-14.



The whole crowd’s reaction to Irving’s sack on Cousins late in the fourth.



And then to top it off – Anthony Brown intercepts Cousins’ ball which sets us up for one more TD as we put this game away 38-14!