Anthony Brown Joins Dak Prescott in Top 3 NFL Earners of Performance-Based Pay

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Articles, The League, The Team

QB Dak Prescott was not the only Dallas Cowboy making it Rayne in Performance Based Pay. His fellow rookie teammate Anthony Brown earned $346,198.12 in 2016, third most in the NFL behind only Atlanta CB Brian Poole ($371,783.11) and Prescott ($353,544.57).

Having two rookies among the Top 3 earners in Performance Based Pay proves that the Cowboys received a lot of bang-for-their-buck from young players in 2016. Rookie DT Maliek Collins received $205,873.18 which wasn’t among the Top 25 in the league, but it will still be a very hefty deposit into his checking account.

Performance Based Pay is a system used in the NFL to reward players with low base salaries who play lots of snaps.   Special Teams snaps are included in the amount, not just offense and defense.

For 2016, each NFL team received $3.995 million to disperse among all players who took part in regular season games.  The amount received by each player is computed by using a player index in which his regular season playing time is divided by his adjusted full season salary/bonuses/incentives. The money earned by players does not count towards the salary cap.

For last season, Prescott received $346,198.12 because he played nearly every snap (1,014 of 1,060 total offensive snaps), yet was paid the rookie minimum base salary of $450,000. Contrast that to Tony Romo who was paid a large base salary but played only 7 snaps. Romo earned $64.11 in Performance Based Pay.

Here’s the list of the Cowboys’ Top 10 Earners in 2016 Performance Based Pay.

  • QB Dak Prescott         $353,544.47
  • CB Anthony Brown    $346,198.12
  • DT Maliek Collins      $205,873.18
  • DL David Irving         $194,620.41
  • LB Anthony Hitchens $186,101.52
  • LB Damien Wilson     $184,706.86
  • WR Brice Butler         $120,519.12
  • S Byron Jones             $118,288.93
  • DL Jack Crawford      $108,420.07
  • FB Keith Smith           $101,733.13