Back to Football: 5 Tips to Defeat the Bucking Broncos in Your Life

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Articles, Life & Style, Nutrition

Week 2 and the Cowboys are headed to Denver to defeat the Bucking Broncos. The Boys only play the Broncos every four years in season, so you can expect a fight until the end. 

By definition, a bucking bronco is “a wild horse that is vicious and difficult or impossible to break in”. Just like the team, many of us need to defeat bucking cravings that pop up on a daily basis in our eating. They might be vicious and seemingly difficult to overcome, but with these 5 tips you will come out with a “W”.


Don’t skip the basics

In football, you have to execute basic skills over and over to successfully score points and win. In the same way, if you skip the basics like consuming healthy fiber and protein-rich meals throughout the day, you are way more likely to encounter cravings at night time. Those that eat less during the day are typically more hungry at night, and not for broccoli.


Plan for interceptions

You can be sure that things will happen throughout the day to sabotage your good eating intentions. Your kids don’t finish their waffle fries and they hand them to you, your friends order chips and guacamole at lunch or your spouse decides pizza is what they want for dinner. Have a game plan so that you know what you should eat and what you should not. Many of us get tackled by other people’s choices and are left wanting and eating foods they had no intention to eat.


Pay attention to the game clock

As a dietitian, I recommend people set alarms on their phone so they will stop and eat lunch and snacks amidst their busy day. What tends to happen for many women is that they get busy running around or working all day and then all the sudden notice they are starving and look for the tastiest or most convenient thing to eat, which is often not the healthiest choice. So get an alarm and pay attention to the clock. Take time-outs to eat and re-fuel.


Have a substitute ready

In a football game, people often have to get subbed in or out for many reasons. People who have healthy snacks with them (i.e. protein bar in their purse) have a quick substitute if a higher calorie option is the only choice. Being prepared is key to defeating cravings that buck at you throughout the day.


Utilize replay

Replay in a football game helps the referees figure out what exactly happened. In the same way, if you make an eating fumble, use replay to go back and figure out how you got into that situation. Awareness is everything, so if you can look back and determine how the fumble happened, you are less likely to make the same mistake in the future.