Which Cowboys player lives up to the nickname “Mr. Incredible”?

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Articles, The Team

When talking about defending the Packers and the defense’s need to keep Aaron Rodgers in the pocket, defensive end Tyrone Crawford unwittingly offered up one of the nicknames that teammates use to describe Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee.

Lee is “Mr. Incredible”.

Crawford was talking about how good it will be to have Lee on the field for this Divisional Round game against the Packers.  Two years ago during the same round of the 2014 postseason, Lee was sidelined with a knee injury. Crawford said Lee remained fully engaged with his teammates, accompanying them on the trip and offering encouragement via text messages.

“When you get the text telling you to go out there and play your butt off, but on the other hand, you feel the frustration and you also feel for him,” said Crawford. “I’m happy we got him out here with us now. He’s captain of the defense, Mr. Incredible. All those nicknames he’s got, he definitely lives up to all of them and we’re excited to go into this game with him.”

As for the key to limiting Aaron Rodgers who two years ago danced away on one leg from the Cowboys’ pass rush, Crawford shared this message.

“The guy makes crazy plays no matter what, I don’t know how he does some of the things he does passing that ball,” notes Crawford. “Just keep our lanes and try to keep him in the pocket. He’s uncomfortable when it’s tight and we’re all in the pocket with him.”