DCC Pinky Party at Diamonds Direct

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Articles, DCC

The annual DCC Pinky Party at Diamonds Direct which took place Thursday night was a highlight for the 11 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders who just completed their rookie seasons as America’s Sweethearts.

Every woman who has cheered for this team has this pinky ring, and it’s something that I see on other women that I really look up to,” says Tara, DCC rookie.  “Tonight, we were fitted for the rings, and then in May, just before auditions for the coming season, we have our team banquet to celebrate last season.  It’s the culmination of all that we worked for, and that’s when we receive the rings that we were fitted for this evening.  The games are completed, the work has been put it, and we celebrate what we accomplished together.”

“This has been a tradition since the 1970’s and we are proud to be the latest rookie class to be fitted for our rings”, adds DCC rookie Lauren.  “It’s a huge honor to be part of this, and it’s great that our veteran teammates are here to share in our special night.  Diamonds Direct has been incredible, not only sizing us for our pinky rings, but also letting us try on all the diamonds and other beautiful jewelry they have on display.  It’s been a really fun night, and we appreciate them hosting us so that we can share this once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

“The rings have so much symbolism,” notes Yosi Mayer, General Manager of Diamonds Direct, official jeweler of the Dallas Cowboys.  “There’s a rich heritage and tradition, which is why we are very proud to be the ones who make the rings for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  We are proud of our association with the DCC and it is a real pleasure to host this event each year and see the smiles on their faces as they are sized for their rings.”

“These gold rings unite a group of women who are so impressive,” says Kelli Finglass, DCC Director.  “Our former director, Suzanne Mitchell, started giving the rings to rookies in 1978 and that’s when the tradition started.  The rings are a small, simple, gold band with the inscription ‘DCC’ and there’s a dove of peace inside. 

“The ring is a symbol of sisterhood and accomplishment.  We were able to go back and give the ladies who were cheering before 1978 their own rings.  It was very meaningful and special for them and special for us as an organization.  And now these 11 ladies who just finished their rookie seasons will have their own ring that they can look at with pride.  There are pieces of jewelry here at Diamonds Direct that are more elegant and ornate, but as jewelry makers they understand our ring is traditional and distinct.  We appreciate their expertise and their approach as caretakers of our tradition.”

“You know about the tradition of the ring and you know how much hard work goes into earning the ring,” says Molly, a rookie from California.  “So to finally be here with the other rookies and having our veteran teammates here to enjoy the moment, too, it’s such an honor”, adds Molly, one of the 11 rookies sized for her ring.  “We are a part of women that are so inspiring, so to now wear that ring and be one of them, it’s unreal.  I still can’t believe I’m part of it.”

For some rookies, they learn about the pinky ring tradition when they get to DCC Training Camp.  But others learned about the rings when they cheered for other NFL teams.

“Being part of the NFL and cheering for another squad prior to this team, I knew about the rings and I knew the DCC ring was something I would strive for,” says Lauren.  “Looking to the veterans, seeing their rings, you see that the rings are a symbol of everything the DCC stand for:  hard work, determination, and perseverance. The process of making the DCC – the auditions and training camp – followed by the season, are really taxing.  It can wear you down, but it can also build you up in the best possible way.  The girls that are here deserve this ring as a symbol of their hard work.  It’s also a symbol of our sisterhood that will last forever.”

Tara and fellow rookie Savannah were members of the NY Jets Flight Crew cheerleading squad before coming to Texas last May to audition for the DCC.  Even though they were in New York, they knew all about the pinky rings in Dallas.

“The director for the New York Jets Flight Crew is Denise Garvey, a former DCC,” explains Tara.  “She is one of my role models in life.  I looked up to her for everything she stood for.  She always has her DCC pinky ring on her finger.  I saw the ring and knew I wanted to be part of everything that she was part of.  And now I will get to wear a ring and be part of the same sisterhood.  I can’t wait to go home to Long Island and show her my matching ring.”