DCC’s Maggie Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of Cover Shot of Swimsuit Issue

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Articles, Entertainment

When Maggie traveled with her fellow DCC squad members to Bimini, Bahamas for the DCC Swimsuit photo shoot, she never expected to wind up as the cover girl for Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine 2017 DCC Swimsuit Issue. After all, she was just wrapping up her rookie season and her background is dance, not modeling. 

But you know the old saying, ‘Life is what happens when you’re making other plans’!

She may have been planning to merely get through Day One of photos without embarrassing herself; instead, she and photographer Jeremy Shelby struck gold with the first clicks of the camera.

“This was my first photo shoot ever and, honestly, I was so nervous,” Maggie recalls. “Each DCC gets two days of shooting.  So this photo is from my first day and I was with my best friend and roommate, Heather O. It was awesome that we were together. Being able to watch her gave me extra confidence. Heather knows my ins-and-outs, so having her there was so important. It really helped. We were laughing and telling jokes the whole time.

“We were with Jeremy and I had met him before. It’s funny because people were like, ‘How did you get that squinty, sexy look?’

I had to admit, ‘Jeremy made me look directly into the sun, I could barely see!’ But it came out well. I asked him, ‘Were my eyes even open?’ He was so sweet and his entire team was so encouraging.”

Maggie & Heather are the DCC’s Dynamic Duo. They were part of the 2016-17 rookie class and quickly hit-it-off at auditions last spring. So it’s not surprising the two roomies would be paired together to provide moral support.

“Kelli (Finglass, DCC Director) and the crew randomly pick pairs for the photo shoots,” notes Heather. “We don’t get to pick who we’re with. And you don’t know who you’re with until the night before. Kelli sends out a text that tells you your partner, your photographer, and your call time. So we got a text at 4pm which said ‘Heather & Maggie, call time at 1pm with Jeremy’. We couldn’t believe it!

“It was so great to have your true & genuine best friend with you to help boost your confidence. We’re friends with everyone on the team, of course, but when it’s someone you live with every day, you’re even closer.”

As for her cover girl status, Maggie is still in a state of shock.

“I never thought in a million years I would one day be on the cover of the Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine or the DCC Calendar,” Maggie confides. “It’s such an honor for Kelli & Judy (Trammell, DCC choreographer) to entrust me with this privilege. It felt amazing. It means the world.

“I was completely surprised. I knew I was a finalist and people were voting on their favorite photos. But on the first night of DCC Training Camp, after all the dancing was done, we all sat by a new TV that’s in our dance studio. One-by-one they showed the photos that would be included in the magazine and the calendars. We were sitting there, very excited for each other.

“Then they brought out the Star Magazine and I knew I was in the running and thought, ‘Man, it would be so amazing if it were me’.  But I really didn’t think it was going to happen. When they showed my face on the cover I just melted and started crying because I was super-emotional. It was an awesome feeling. Everyone was so supportive and so sweet which made me feel even better about it because, in the end, it’s not about me. It’s about all of our DCC sisters and the way we support each other.”

And if her teammates were happy for Maggie, you can imagine the reaction of her family and friends!

“Seriously, my family & friends were reaching out, saying ‘I can’t believe you’re the cover’ and I can’t believe it either,” she says with a laugh. “I don’t think that’s me. A swimsuit is definitely not my normal attire. You’ll most likely find me in a red robe at home, on the couch. There is a theme of red, but not a bikini. I’m normally hanging out at home in my red robe.”

Maggie also says you won’t find the red swimsuit in her closet. Although the bikini is definitely flattering, she takes no credit for finding the perfect outfit for the cover.

“We actually do a swimsuit fitting with Kelli & Judy a few days before leaving on the trip,” says Maggie. “We also sign up for slots. We each get five or six suits to try on. They take practice photos in front of a fake backdrop so they can see if the swimsuit colors look good with our skin and our hair. If it doesn’t, they’ll change it out.”

The choice of red for Maggie’s outfit is more than a happy coincidence.

“Heather and I always joke that red is my power color because, on the first day of tryouts our rookie year, I wore red,” Maggie says with a laugh. “When we saw the red suit they chose for the first of my photo shoots, Heather and I just laughed. And what’s funny is my mom has said my whole life that I’m a July baby and a firecracker and red is my color. So when I said the same thing about red, I sounded just like my mother!”

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