DIY Dallas Cowboys Scarecrow

by | Dec 2, 2017 | Articles, Life & Style

Though the weather hasn’t been much evidence, fall is winding down. Here’s a quick how-to on making a scare crow to boost you final autumn feels and help catapult you into tomorrow’s season! Well, not literally tomorrow, but you know what I mean. 

1. Build Cross Frame – Use wooden board when constructing your scarecrow’s cross frame. Nail the boards together into a cross shape. This will keep the horizontal piece firmly in place and prevent it from spinning around.

2. Knock Cross Frame into the Ground – Choose a position on soft ground and stake the cross into the ground.

3. Dress it up – Grab some old clothes (Cowboys gear preferably) and dress your new wood cross up! Feed the horizontal piece of wood through the shirt arms and secure.

4. Give the Scarecrow a Waistline – Take a length of string or twine and tie it tightly around the bottom of the shirt to create a waist. This will also allow you to stuff the main part of the body without all of the stuffing falling out.

5. Tie Off Sleeves – Just as with the waist, the sleeves of each shirt need tight binding to hold the stuffing. If you want, sew or tie on a pair of stuffed gloves to give the scarecrow hands.

6. Stuff Shirt with Straw – Straw is the traditional stuffing material because it is environmentally friendly. For a rustic look, leave bits of straw sticking out through the arms and shirt collar and/or shirt buttons.

7. Stuff Pants – Unlike the shirt, you’ll need to stuff the pants before putting them on your scarecrow. Before you start to stuff, hold the pants up against the scarecrow to see how long you should leave the legs, then tie string at that point.

8. Attach Pants – Attach the pants by creating suspenders, tied through the belt loops on either side (or use real suspenders). Make them secure by tying string through the back belt loop and around the frame.

9. (Optional) Add Boots – Use an old pair of boots

( or sneakers) to finish off the body. If you are sure that you are not going to be using them again, make a hole in the back of the boot to allow you to tie them on to the base of the pants. This step, of course, is optional. I’ve seen many a scarecrow with no feet!

Add a Head to the Body – An old pillowcase stuffed with straw will do — pulled down over the top of the frame. Mold it into the right shape and now you have a blank canvas on which to draw a face.

Tie the Pillowcase Head to the Body – Once you have roughly the right shape, tie a piece of string around the base of the pillowcase, also wrapping it around the frame.

Give the Scarecrow Some Personality – No scarecrow is complete without straw hair, ideally sticking out from beneath an old [Dallas Cowboys] hat. Secure across the center of the head using a needle and thread, and then flatten it down a little. You could also use wool.

There you have it, you’re very own Dallas Cowboys Scarecrow – perfect for scaring crows (or non-Cowboys fans) away!

*Note, this DIY was inspired by DIY Network.