Media Days: What They Are and Why We Love Them

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Articles, Entertainment, Photos, The League, The Team

So you know how throughout the season, NFL teams release the COOLEST photos and videos of players? And not just game or travel shots. But photos where the players are inches away and staring into the camera, leaping into the air, cheesing hard, and holding up hashtag signs? Well believe it or not, all of those images and videos are captured over a span of only 3 consecutive days, and that week is here!

Dallas Cowboys social media, marketing, and media employees have stored up all of their creative ideas over the season and off season and today is the day we get to finally turn our dreams into reality! (literally) We’ll pull, tug and probably annoy the players after their practices all to capture that oh-so-perfect, oh-so-memeable moment that we hope all fans will enjoy!

Swipe through the gallery below to check out some of the coolest photos from over the years, get excited for the 2018 season, and follow @5pointsblue on instagram for exclusive behind the scenes looks to be posted on our story all week!