By the Numbers: DCC Style

by | May 17, 2017 | Articles, Entertainment

The 2017 DCC Auditions just concluded, so it’s time for 5PB’s “Fun with Numbers: DCC Style”.

1-to-401: numbers worn by contestants auditioning in Round 1’s “Freestyle Dance”.

68: number of contestants who had previously auditioned for the DCC but did not make the team. That’s 68 who followed the adage: “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

118: contestants who made it past Round 1 and were invited to Semifinals/Round 2.

55: rookie hopefuls who made it past Semis/Round 2 and competed against returning DCC veterans in Finals/Round 3.

28: returning DCC veterans. Just because a DCC member wants to return for another season on the squad, she is not automatically on the team. She must re-audition, but skips the first two rounds and goes straight to Finals (Round 3).

83: number of contestants in Finals/Round 3 which includes a morning solo routine followed by an afternoon on-field session that features the choreographed jazz combo/DCC Kick Line.

1: number of tap dances in the morning solo routines. Don’t laugh; you’ve never seen returning DCC veteran Amy L. do her thing in tap shoes. The Oklahoma City University graduate is awesome, one of the top performers on the squad.

3: returning veterans who did not make it past Finals and lost their spots on the squad to rookie hopefuls.

44: training camp invitees. Of all the hopefuls who tried out, only 44 were invited to DCC Training Camp which begins in early June and runs through early August.

36: the usual number of DCC squad members; it is not a fixed number, but there are usually 36 members. That means several DCC Training Camp candidates will be cut during the summer.

8: number of NFL teams represented by cheerleaders from other NFL squads trying to make the DCC (Patriots, Texans, Dolphins, Jets, St Louis Rams, Titans, Ravens, Buccaneers).

12: the number of years CMT’s hit television show “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” has been on the air. This year’s edition chronicling 2017 Auditions & Training Camp will begin airing in August.

55 & 24: ages, respectively, of the mother-daughter duo that auditioned side-by-side in Round 1. Suzanne, age 55, from New Jersey auditioned alongside her 24 year old daughter, Cary Lynn, a special education teacher.

4: countries represented at 2017 Auditions (Japan, Australia, Belgium, USA).

34: different states represented in Round 1 of auditions (plus Washington, D.C.)


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