Draft week is finally here and I bet you are trying to plan tasty dishes for all your watching parties to come! As you ponder your pantry and all the ingredients you need, try using up some of the things you already have! Hands down most people have tortillas in the pantry or fridge and there are actually some healthy twists you can put on plain ole flour tortillas to flatter your party guests. Here are 5 different ways to take flour tortillas to tasty goodness:

  1. Thursday kick-off baked tortilla chips & dip: One way to cut fat and calories out of chips is to omit the frying. Try cutting your tortillas into triangles, drizzling with olive oil and broiling for a crisp chip lower in fat. Then try a dip like guacamole or a Ranch dip made with Greek yogurt and Ranch mix to rid yourself of the saturated fat you find in queso and other creamy dips.


  1. Draft pick BBQ-tortilla-avocado chicken: Many will be enjoying the weather and the draft while grilling out on the patio. Instead of the norm, try grilling your boneless, skinless chicken breasts, basting them in BBQ sauce, adding sliced avocado and topping with some of your baked, homemade tortilla chips. You can crumble them or make strips to lay on top of the chicken. Pair with grilled veggies for a colorful, nutrient-rich main dish.


  1. Friday night taco salad bowls: Draft day two, try a different twist with your tortillas. In the case of the taco bowl, you can leave the tortillas soft or lightly toast them. Line small bowls with one tortilla each and set-up a buffet line for people to make their own. Use dark greens, chopped tomatoes, sautéed onions, 2% cheese, black beans, lean ground beef, salsa and guacamole to fill your guests with fiber, protein and veggies!


  1. Saturday Draft brunch migas eggs: Saturday morning draft kick-off is 12pm EST so get your brunch ready! Migas eggs can be done a variety of ways, but to increase the nutrients, scramble up lots of colorful veggies with your eggs and tortillas. Then serve with a fresh fruit bowl to start the morning off right!


  1. Tortilla burgers: Here is an interesting twist on a burger…scratch the bun and try tortillas! Pan fry or broil the tortillas to get them crunchy then treat them like a bun. Use lean ground beef for your burger patties and dress them with 2% cheese and veggies for a crunchy twist on a favorite! Sound crazy? This was a small town favorite at the local fast food restaurant where I grew up. People came from all over to try it so twist things up for your draft weekend and see the tasty goodness!