Romo’s Son Reacts to News that Daddy Won’t Play Football Anymore

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Articles, The Team

The Huffington Post

How did Tony Romo’s sons react to news that their daddy will no longer be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys?

Ben Rogers and Jeff “Skin” Wade asked Romo that very question in an exclusive interview on Wednesday afternoon’s “Ben & Skin Show” on the Dallas Cowboys Radio Flagship Station 105.3

Romo described the reaction of his two sons, Hawkins and Rivers.

“Yeah, actually I did it yesterday (Tuesday) in the afternoon,” Romo said of breaking the news to the boys. “Me and my wife sat Hawk and Rivers down. You know Riv just turned 3 so he doesn’t really grasp it yet. He just turned 3 a couple of weeks ago. But Hawk is turning 5 here this week and he’s kind of starting to get an understanding of the kids at school talking about football and things are happening here and there. And he just started to really enjoy the games and stuff this year.

“So we sat him down to tell him. ‘Hey, come here, bud, we gonna tell you something’. And you try to build up the excitement of the next thing. I’m kind of like, ‘He’s not even going to remember anything’. But Candice is smart about understanding how things can affect him sometimes.

“So we tell him and at first he’s like, ‘Oh, okay, sounds great. Does that mean you’re going to be around more? Oh good, well then you can buy me LEGOs!’

“I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, absolutely, yeah, you’ll get a bunch of LEGOs’. He asks, ‘You can buy them, right?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah I still make money so hopefully we can continue to do that’.

“So he leaves and about 30 seconds to a minute later he comes back and he’s sitting there. He asks us a question. ‘Does that mean you’re not going to play football anymore?’ Candice and I looked at each other, ‘Yeah, that’s kind of what we said’. Did he understand?

“Candice said, ‘Yeah, your daddy’s not going to play, he’s going to talk about it’. So all of a sudden he gets that sad face that kids get. Tears start coming and all of sudden he starts to cry. And as he starts to cry, I’m like, ‘Hey, buddy, its okay. Come here’. So I hold him and stuff. And Candice now is worried and, oh gosh, it’s a big deal.

“All of a sudden, he says ‘I don’t understand why you’re not going to play anymore!’ So we try to explain it. Finally he says, I thought you meant you weren’t going to be able to play football in the backyard with me anymore!

“He was fine about me giving up football, but if I wouldn’t be able to tackle him in the backyard, he was not willing to give that up just yet. So it was kind of funny because it’s like, ‘No, I’m just not playing for the Cowboys anymore’. He’s like, ‘Oh, okay!!’

“Back to LEGOs.”