Some Sweetheart Numbers

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Articles, Entertainment

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders take you behind the scenes with details of their swimsuit calendar photo shoot in Bimini.

46,289 – Number of images composed and captured in the photo shoot.

136 – Number of pages in the Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine Swimsuit Edition, which features Jenna as the centerfold and Maggie on the cover.

1 – Day, the first photo session, to snap the photo of Maggie that appears on the magazine cover.

5 – Formats of the 2018 Dallas Cowboys Swimsuit Calendar, which debuts in the fall.

52 – People in the crew that helped on the DCC photo shoot: 28 DCC members, 2 photo teams, 6 makeup and hair designers, 1 video team, 1 social media team.

16 – Hours spent working during photo shoot days.

21 – Different designers whose swimwear is featured in the photos.

50 – Miles east of Miami, Fla., was the location of Bimini, a chain of three islands that compose the westernmost district of the Bahamas. It’s the closest point in the Bahamas to the U.S. mainland.

40 – Years of DCC calendars. The 2018 DCC Calendar Collection marks the 40th anniversary of the famous calendar, which began in 1979 as a collection of sideline photos formatted into a promotional calendar.

5 – DCC who were brave enough to swim with reef sharks during a snorkeling adventure between photo shoots: Erica, Simone, Yuko, Stephanie and Kelsey.

3 – Photographers whose work appears in the Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine DCC Swimsuit Edition: Jeremy Shelby, Michael Voorhees and Jeremiah Jhass.

6 – Golf carts per photo team for each location shoot to carry three DCC models, a photographer, two assistants, equipment, makeup and hair supplies and an ice chest with water, Gatorade and snacks.

1 – Vanilla Ice celebrity spotting by DCC director Kelli Finglass, who bumped into the Carrollton, Texas, native while scouting a local Bimini restaurant as a possible spot for a photo backdrop.

1 – Fountain of Youth plaque next to a shallow pool in South Bimini. Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon referenced Bimini in his search for the legendary fountain.

10 – Video vignettes of the photo shoot that will be released in July on the Dallas Cowboys YouTube Channel.

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