Taller than “Too Tall”??? Cowboys Sign Tallest Player in Team History

by | May 18, 2017 | Articles, The Team

Move over, “Too Tall”. There’s a newly signed Cowboys player who, if he makes the team, would usurp Ed Jones’ team title for height.

On Wednesday the Cowboys signed rookie offensive tackle Dan Skipper from the University of Arkansas. He’s officially listed on the Cowboys’ roster at 6’ 10” and 311 pounds. Skipper took part in Cowboys Rookie Camp last week as a tryout player and was subsequently signed to the roster. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett joked with reporters following Friday’s rookie practice that Skipper was listed at 6’ 9.40” on his coach’s information sheet, but the roster given to the media listed 6’ 10”.

That’s just a shade over Ed “Too Tall” Jones who was listed at 6’ 9” and played defensive end. The overall #1 pick of the 1974 NFL Draft, Jones played for the Cowboys for 15 seasons and went to 3 Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl ring.

By the way, when you’re as tall as Skipper, you would be good at blocking things…specifically field goals and extra points.  During his 4 years with the Razorbacks, he blocked 7 field goal attempts which is two shy of the all-time FBS record. He won SEC Special Teams Player of the Week Co-Honors multiple times in his career. His special teams prowess was in addition to his pancake blocks at left tackle where he earned first-team All SEC honors his senior year.

According to Cowboys equipment director Mike McCord, Skipper wears a size 19 shoe. That’s a size larger than Leonard “Bigg” Davis, who played guard for the Cowboys from 2007-2010. Leonard was so large at 6’ 6” 381 lbs, his nickname big had two GG’s (“Bigg”). He wore a size 18.

Skipper edges out another former Cowboy, Marc Colombo, for the title of tallest Cowboys offensive lineman in team history (“Too Tall” played defense). Colombo is 6’ 8”. He played offensive tackle for six seasons for the Cowboys (2005-2010) and now serves as assistant offensive line coach. For Colombo, he now has a player that he can truly see eye-to-eye with on the playing field as he’s coaching him.

As for the Cowboys’ all-time largest player in terms of weight, that title goes to offensive tackle Aaron Gibson who, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, became the first NFL player to tip the scales at 400+ lbs when he weighed-in at 410 during 2002 Cowboys Training Camp. Gibson joined the Cowboys on Halloween Day, 2001 and played one game later that season. He was released the following September after 2002 Training Camp and signed with the Bears. Gibson started his career with the Detroit Lions. He was their 1st round pick in 1999 and played 2 ½ seasons before joining the Cowboys.

Gibson was 6’ 6” and before you think he was as wide as he was tall, that’s not true. Like Leonard Davis and Marc Colombo, he was muscle, not fat. He was just a giant of a man, similar to Skipper.

Here’s what I remember about Gibson: when the Cowboys signed him, the equipment staff asked the Lions’ staff to send his helmet to Dallas because the Cowboys didn’t have a large enough helmet. Luckily the Lions wear a silver helmet just like the Cowboys; all the equipment guys had to do was swap the Lions’ logo for a blue Cowboys star.

As for the opposite end of the spectrum, the Cowboys’ brought in a player for a tryout during Rookie Camp that was only 5’ 6” tall. Kade Harrington is a rookie running back from Lamar. He was officially listed on the “Weekend Workout” roster at 5’ 6” and 184 lbs. If you think that’s too small to play in the NFL, think again. Trindon Holliday played six years in the NFL (2010-2016) as a return specialist and wide receiver. He’s only 5’ 5” and 165 lbs.

The comic relief of the Cowboys Rookie Camp was seeing Harrington on the same field as Skipper. Their height differential was 16” with Harrington at 5’ 6” and Skipper at 6’ 10”.