The Announcers Said What?!

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Articles, Entertainment, The Team

Alright, we’re on a bit of a roll now. Let’s keep this momentum going. But first, a look back at what commentators said about our Cowboys/Chiefs victory.

“Reading the Defense”

What it means: The quarterback is easily avoiding the defense, making it seem as though he has some supernatural power to see into the future and know exactly where not to be.

Why they said it: Dak Prescott with another rushing TD! This was his TENTH of his career, pushing him passed Troy Aikman for 3rd most rushing TDs by a Cowboys quarterback. He’s now only behind Don Meredith (15) and Roger Staubach (20). Keep it up, Dakota! You’re well on you’re way!

What we thought of:

“Control Their Own Destiny”

What it means: A team or player is in the position to achieve greatness, whether that means breaking a personal/all around record, making the playoffs, winning a championship, etc. What happens from here, is up to them.

Why they said it: We’re on a bit of a roll here, what happens next (for the remainder of the season) is totally dependent on us. We got this. Up next: the Atlanta Falcons. Never been a fan of birds anyway.

What we think of:



What it means: A defensive play in which a higher than usual number of players will rush the quarterback, in an attempt to either tackle him, or force him to panic and rush a bad pass.

Why they said it: With 14 minutes to go in the second quarter, the Chiefs had finally made it into Cowboys territory and were faced with a third and long just outside of field goal range. A first down would’ve more than likely resulted in at least three points, but Jaylon Smith forced Chiefs QB Alex Smith to throw an early, inaccurate pass with a well-timed blitz. Bling on, Jaylon, bling on.

*blitz, my bad.

What we think of:

“Line of Scrimmage”

 What it means: An imaginary line beyond which a team cannot cross until the next play has begun.

Why they said it: With the amount of false starts that happened late in the game, it’s hard not to think about the line of scrimmage

What we think of:



See ya next week after our game on the road against the Falcons!