This Week’s Obsessions

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Articles, Entertainment, The Team

We are officially halfway through the season, but our obsessions are just now picking up! If you love all things Romo, you’ll love this week’s 5 obsessions!


Tony Romo Tribute During Sunday’s Game

Tony Romo was one of the commentators in Dallas on Sunday and we were all so happy to have him back. Even if it were as brief as just a day. The team and the program made sure to show their love and support for Romo in a tribute video. Grab some Kleenex and check it out!


Sophomore slump? More like sophomore hero!

Dak Prescott has officially moved past Troy Aikman with his 10th career rushing TD this past Sunday. He’s now holds the spot for 3rd in Cowboys quarterbacks for most rushing touchdowns behind only Don Meredith at 15 and Roger Staubach at 20. Way to go, Dak. Hush all the haters.


Candice Romo Shared Pics of Her Boys in Tony Romo’s Booth During Pregame

Mrs. Romo took to her instagram story on Sunday before the game and showed off her adorable family. Thanks, Candice. The photos show the boys familiarizing themselves with their dad’s perch for the game. Click through the pics and peep the “Daddy” on the back of oldest son, Hawkins’, custom jersey. I know, I died a little too. TOO CAHUTE.


Dallas Cowboys Receivers Running Bets

Terrance Williams had a stand out game this past Sunday and I’m sure his bank account appreciated it considering he won $200 for it. According to Kate Hairopoulos of The Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys’ receivers have a running bet amongst themselves over who will wind up with the most yards-after-catch each week. Not that $200 makes that big of a dent to NFL stars – I’m sure it’s a pride thing.

In the interview, no one seemed all that concerned from the loss of cash. Instead, they were ecstatic at the fact that Williams did so well! Zeke said, “T-Will played out of his mind, and I’m so happy for him. He’s a guy that’s selfless, and a big part of his role is blocking on those run plays, coming in and blocking those safeties that come down in the box. And it’s great to see him go out there and get some big opportunities in the pass game.” Dawwww bromance!



Star Telegram


Tyrone Crawford and Demarcus Lawrence – Bike Ride Buddies

Early this preseason, Crawford and Lawrence, two massive men might I add, wanted to be sure that they were in/maintained the best shape possible for the season. So, they sometimes ride their bikes to The Star – a 35 minute commute. Biking, according to Lawrence, “really helps flush the legs and get the bad toxins out of your legs and also makes you stronger and helps you lose weight.”

With the performances these men have been giving us, there’s no argument there! Maybe I should ride my bike to work? Nah. Keep it up, guys!