5 Quick Press Conference Hits from This Week

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Articles, The League, The Team

Below are a few quick hits from Jason Garrett this week breaking down how the team has to bounce back from the loss against the Titans and how they’re preparing for Sunday’s matchup in Philly.


Positives From the Loss

Jason Garrett said the most positive takeaway from the loss to Tennessee was the way Dallas started the game. He said the team was ready to play, which showed through the two forced fumbles from the defense and early offensive drives. He said the disappointing part was that the team came out with the proper energy and played well early on, they just weren’t able to capitalize on their opportunities. Kicker Brett Maher missed a 38-yard field goal and Quarterback Dak Prescott threw for an interception in the end zone, both in the first quarter.


Defense Didn’t Perform to Standards

Garrett said the defense didn’t play well enough in the game, particularly in stopping the Titans on third downs. Tennessee was able to convert 11-14 third down attempts because Cowboys defense wasn’t able to stop the Titans from consistently driving the ball. Tennessee scored their fourth touchdown on a 3rd & 1 play; QB Marcus Mariota ran the ball 9 yards into the end zone.


OC Scott Linehan Still Calling Plays

Garrett said Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan will continue to call the plays during the game. Linehan has received criticism this far into the season for his play calling. Garrett said he talks with Linehan throughout the game about situational plays and they work during the week about their overall game plan. Garrett said for the most part, Linehan and his offensive staff are handling the game calling and he doesn’t plan on that changing.


Focusing on the Big Picture

Garrett said they have to learn from the Tennessee game, while starting to prepare for Sunday’s game against the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. Dallas has 6 days before their next game, so they won’t do a long review of the game. Instead, they’ll just focus on the main highlights from the Tennessee game to prepare for Philadelphia. Garrett said this league is all about handling the mental challenges; there will be ups and downs from each game, so the team just has to focus on putting good days and good practices together before their next game.


Responding to Troy Aikman’s Comment

Former Cowboys Quarterback Troy Aikman said Dallas’ Monday night 14-point loss was the worst loss he’s seen at this point of the year. Garrett said the team takes full responsibility of the loss, both coaches and players. He said there are no excuses and the Cowboys have to find a way to get the job done by handling the adversity thrown their way for the entire 60 minutes of the game. Garrett stressed that the Cowboys control their destiny and have to keep their eyes forward to strive to get better.