5 Things to Know About Doug Nussmeier

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Entertainment, The League, The Team

The Cowboys are expected to formally announce the hiring of tight ends coach Doug Nussmeier in the coming days. Here are “5 Things to Know” about him:



Nussmeier and Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan Are a Couple of Vandals!

Nussmeier and Linehan are both Vandals (that would be University of Idaho Vandals!!!). Both starred at QB. Linehan played from 1982-86; Nussemeir from 1990-93.

Linehan was Nussemeir’s offensive coordinator with the Vandals during Nussmeier’s final two seasons, including his final year in which Nussmeier won the 1993 Walter Payton Award which is presented annually to the Division I-AA Player of the Year (yes, the same award that Tony Romo won at Eastern Illinois in 2002).

Years later when Linehan was head coach of the St Louis Rams, Nussmeier was his QBs coach for two seasons (2006-07).

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Nussmeier and QBs Coach Kellen Moore Are 2 of 32 QBs in NFL History to Do What????

Nussmeier played 5 seasons in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints (1994-97) and the Indianapolis Colts (1998). He and Cowboys QBs coach Kellen Moore, who just retired following 6 seasons in the NFL, are two of only 32 left-handed quarterbacks to play in the NFL!


Oh, Canada!

After 5 NFL seasons, Nussmeier found another avenue to extend his professional career: Canada. He played the 2000 season for the CFL’s BC Lions which won the Grey Cup Championship that year.

His first coaching gig came in Canada in 2001 as QBs coach for the Lions. The next season, he moved to Ottawa to become quarterbacks coach of the CFL’s Renegades.

St Louis Rams

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He’s Coached for Top College Football Programs

Nussmeier left Canada to begin his collegiate coaching career at Michigan State where he served as QBs coach from 2003-05.  The 2006-2007 seasons are when he reunited with Linehan; those two seasons as Linehan’s QBs coach were Nussmeier’s first years on an NFL coaching staff.

Nussmeier returned to college football in 2008 to become the offensive coordinator at Fresno State. Since then, Nussmeier has worked with several of the biggest college football programs in the country including Washington (offensive coordinator/QBs, 2009-11); Alabama (offensive coordinator/QBs, 2012-13); Michigan (offensive coordinator/QBs, 2014); and Florida (offensive coordinator/QBs, 2015-17).

This upcoming 2018 season with the Cowboys marks the first time he will work as a tight ends coach and will be his second stint on an NFL coaching staff.



Family Guy

Nussmeier, a native of Portland, Oregon, is married. He and his wife, Christi, have two sons, Garrett & Colton, and a daughter named Ashlynn.