5 Things to Know About the Cowboys’ Offensive Coordinator, Kellen Moore

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Articles, The League, The Team

You may have heard that Kellen Moore got a job promotion. He’s been elevated from Cowboys quarterbacks’ coach to his new position as offensive coordinator. But you may not know these 5 facts about the former Cowboys’ quarterback who is now in charge of the offense.

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Kellen Moore is the Last Left-handed QB in the History of the NFL 

Since Moore retired as a player following the 2017 season, no other left-handed QBs have taken a snap. In fact, in the history of the NFL, there have been only 32 left-handed QBs. And get this …  two of those 32 are on the current Cowboys’ coaching staff: Moore and Tight Ends Coach Doug Nussmeier.


Kellen Moore and Dez Bryant Have Something Very Unusual in Common

Seeing a left-handed thrower in the NFL is very unusual, so it’s interesting that Moore and his former teammate, Wide Receiver Dez Bryant, have something in common. They both have thrown left-handed touchdowns for the Cowboys.

Moore tossed four TD passes during the 2015 season when he filled-in for an injured Tony Romo. Dez, who is left-handed, threw a 10-yard TD pass to Tight End Jason Witten during a game in December, 2016.

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Dez, who was playing wide receiver, got the ball on a reverse before lofting a perfect pass to Witten for the score.

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If Not for An Injury to Moore, Prescott May Not Be the Franchise QB

At the start of 2016 Cowboys Training Camp, Tony Romo was the starting quarterback. Kellen Moore was #2 on the depth chart, followed by Jamiell Showers and a rookie 4th round draft pick named Dak Prescott. A week into camp, Moore suffered a broken ankle during practice.

He was out for the season, so Dak moved up to #2. Three weeks later, Romo suffered a back injury in the third preseason game. Dak became the starter and the rest is history. Showers was moved to safety. Moore served as mentor to Dak in 2016, and served as his backup in 2017. Following his retirement after the 2017 season, Moore entered coaching and was named the Cowboys’ QBs coach. It makes you wonder what would have happened if Moore were not injured during camp.

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Kellen Moore Is the Winningest QB in the History of College Football

No quarterback has won more NCAA games than Kellen Moore who shattered records during his four seasons (2008-2011) at Boise State. Moore finished his stellar collegiate career with a record of 50 wins and 3 losses. His career passing numbers still rank in the NCAA’s Top-10 in all major passing categories including TD passes (142, 2nd overall); completion percentage (69.8%, 3rd overall); and pass efficiency rating (169.0, fifth overall). Moore led Boise to four consecutive 12-win seasons, including an undefeated season of 14-0. He went undrafted out of college and signed with the Detroit Lions as a rookie free agent in 2012. After three seasons in Detroit, he signed with the Cowboys in 2015 as Tony Romo’s backup.


Coaching is Part of the Moore Family Legacy

Kellen’s dad, Tom Moore, was head coach at Kellen’s high school in Prosser, Washington. Tom won 4 state championships and 21 league titles at Prosser High School.

Kellen and his brother, Kirby (who played wide receiver), thrived under their dad’s guidance. Kellen, who learned enough from his dad to call his own plays in high school, was the Gatorade Player of the Year in the state of Washington and set numerous state-wide passing records.

Kellen married his high school sweetheart, Julie, and they have two young children. Their son, Kyler, was born in August, 2014, the day after he played a preseason game for the Detroit Lions.  Kellen & Julie also have a daughter, Halle.