5 Things to Know About LBs Coach, Ben Bloom

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Articles, The Team

Former Cowboys’ coach Matt Eberflus is in the news this week as one of the Colts’ assistant coaches jilted by Josh McDaniels who has decided to stay in New England as the Patriots’ offensive coordinator rather than sign a contract to become the Indianapolis Colts’ head coach.  Eberflus and other assistants who thought they’d be working for McDaniels are already signed and part of the Colts staff, so now they will wait to see who will be the new head coach.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys move ahead without Eberflus.  New defensive backs coach Kris Richard will assume Eberflus’ duties as passing game coordinator, and Ben Bloom takes over for Eberflus as linebackers coach.

Here are 5 Things to Know About Ben Bloom, Matt Eberflus’ Replacement as Cowboys’ LB Coach:

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Bloom is Now in His 8th Season on the Cowboys’ Staff – Working His Way Up from Quality Control to Position Coach

Bloom came to Dallas in 2011 to assist Eberflus who had just taken over as linebackers coach.  Bloom worked with Eberflus in 2010 with the Cleveland Browns.  When Bloom joined the Cowboys, he was Quality Control which is entry level coaching in the NFL.  It’s the tedious, grinding job of breaking down opponent’s film and putting together the weekly playbook.  The fun part of his job that season was helping Eberflus with the linebackers, particularly DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer who combined for 25 ½ sacks that season.  There was also a second year inside linebacker who, that particular season, led the team with 131 tackles…a young kid named Sean Lee.  In Bloom’s second year as assistant linebackers coach, Spencer joined Ware on the Pro Bowl roster.  In Bloom’s third season helping with the linebackers, Lee had another big year (123 tackles) and so did Bruce Carter (122 tackles).

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Bloom Has Also Coached Defensive Ends

After three seasons of working as assistant linebackers coach, Bloom worked as assistant defensive ends coach beginning in 2014.  He coached alongside Rod Marinelli who is the defensive line coach as well as defensive coordinator.  The 2014 season is when veteran free agents Jeremy Mincey, George Selvie, and Jack Crawford rejuvenated their careers in Dallas. The next season, DeMarcus Lawrence recorded a career-best 8 sacks.


Continually Moving Up the Ladder

After spending his first five seasons working with either linebackers or defensive ends, Bloom was promoted to ‘assistant coach/special projects’ in 2016.  That job involves advising head coach Jason Garrett on game plan matchups and schemes, personnel group strategies, game management and situational football strategy.  There is also a lot of film and statistical analysis that takes place during the week and during the offseason.  On gamedays, he was upstairs in the Cowboys coaches’ booth, communicating with coaches on the sideline via headset.  But now that he’s taking over in 2018 as the linebackers coach, he will likely be on the sideline so he can communicate face-to-face with players.  It’s also possible that he could assume Eberflus’ gameday responsibility of relaying Marinelli’s defensive calls via headset to Sean Lee on the field via Lee’s radio helmet.  Specific responsibilities on gameday, such as who calls in the plays, will be determined during the offseason by Garrett and Marinelli.


He’s a Well-Educated Master of his Craft…From a School with Jumbo the Elephant as the Mascot

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Bloom has a master’s degree in education from Tufts University where he also earned his bachelor’s degree in history.  He played football for Tufts, then served as a graduate assistant while pursuing his master’s degree.  He coached defensive line from 2005-07.  He then went to the Ivy League as Harvard University’s assistant defensive line coach in 2008.   In 2009, he joined the Cleveland Browns as an assistant in team operations.  The next season, he moved to the Brown’s coaching staff and worked assistant defense/quality control, working on the same staff as Matt Eberflus. In 2011, when Eberflus left the Browns to take over the Cowboys’ linebackers corps, Bloom joined Eberflus in Dallas.

 ***Fun Fact: Bloom’s alma mater, Tufts University, has as its official mascot (drumroll please…) Jumbo the elephant.  Yes, the real Jumbo…as in P.T. Barnum’s circus elephant.  Barnum was a Tufts trustee and benefactor.  He donated the stuffed hide of Jumbo to the school in 1885.  If you’ve seen the Hugh Jackman movie The Greatest Showman, I thought you would enjoy this Fun Fact!

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All in the Cowboys’ Family

Bloom is originally from Wellesley, Massachusetts, but now he’s part of the Cowboys family through-and-through!  His wife, Eliot, is a former member of the Cowboys’ corporate sponsorships department. (Hi, Eliot!!!  We miss seeing you in the office every day!)  She and Ben stay busy these days keeping up with daughter, Georgia.