5 Things to Know About New Offensive Line Coach Paul Alexander, Published Author and Pianist

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Articles, The Team

The Cowboys have hired Paul Alexander as the new offensive line coach.  Here are “5 Things to Know” about this true Renaissance man whose passions and pursuits extend well beyond the football field and into music and publishing!

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He’s A Pianist AND Published Author!

In 2011 Alexander authored a well-reviewed book titled Perform: NFL Coach Trains with a Concert Pianist, A Journey for Athletes, Musicians, Coaches and Teachers.  In the book, Alexander links the mentality and training techniques of top athletes and musicians.



Alexander’s Book Got a 5-Star Rating On Amazon!

Here’s the description on Amazon and its 5-star rating of Perform:

“Veteran NFL Coach Paul Alexander trains with Concert Pianist Albert Mühlböck. Alexander experiences the unique role of being both the coach and the student of world-class performers.

PERFORM is a journey to the competitive stage. PERFORM offers insight into effective methods for learning, teaching and developing the essence for elite performance. PERFORM is dedicated to aspiring athletes, musicians, speakers, coaches, teachers, parents and their admirers.” 

Alexander’s book is also available on other on-line retailers such as Barnes & Noble.

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Alexander and His Wife, Kathy, are Parents to Three Daughters (Mary Beth, Carolyn and Emily)

Originally from Rochester, NY, Alexander attended college at Cortland State (NY).  When he’s not busy as a coach, husband, dad, pianist and author, he’s actively involved with the Boys Scouts.


He is Job-Swapping With Frank Pollack Between Cowboys/Bengals

Alexander is leaving Cincinnati after 24 seasons on the Bengals coaching staff, the past 23 of those (since 1995) as the offensive line coach. His first season in Cincy, Alexander coached tight ends.

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He comes to Dallas to replace offensive line coach Frank Pollack whose contract was not renewed by the Cowboys. And where did Pollack go?  He’s signed with the Bengals to be their new offensive line coach.

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On the Job Training from 3 Legendary College Hall of Fame Coaches

Before his NFL coaching career began with the NY Jets where he coached tight ends from 1992-93, Alexander was a graduate assistant for legendary college coaches Joe Paterno at Penn State and Bo Schembechler at Michigan.   Alexander’s first full-time coaching job was as an assistant at Central Michigan University (1987-91) on the staff of Herb Deromedi.  Paterno, Schembechler and Deromedi are all members of the College Football Hall of Fame.