A Blast from Christmas Past: 1985 Cowboys Sing “12 Days of Christmas”

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Articles, Entertainment, The Team, Videos

The 5 Points Blue holiday time machine takes you back 33 years to the 1985 Dallas Cowboys team, including a special appearance by head coach Tom Landry, singing a football-version of “The 12 Days of Christmas”.

Long-time Cowboys fans will enjoy this blast from Christmas past! Cowboys stars such as Tony Dorsett, Danny White, Everson Walls, Rafael Septien, and Bill Bates were all part of the singing as the taping, along with Tom Landry gamely taking part in the video that debuted along with the release of the 1985 Dallas Cowboys Christmas Album.

The album and video were produced by starting quarterback Danny White and producer/songwriter Chris Christian.

“It might have been the greatest accomplishment of my career, to get Coach Landry to wear all those different goofy hats and make all those funny faces,” recalls White. “We know he wasn’t known for his sense of humor, but I begged him, got down on my knees, and begged him in his office. I told him that it was for charity. So, he just did it. I honestly could not believe it, but he was a good sport.”

The song counts down 12 days until Landry’s fedora is replaced by a red Santa cap.

Here’s a reminder of the Cowboys who have solos in the video: “12 Surfing Cowgirls” (sung by Mike Saxon, Jeff Rohrer), “11 Quarterback Sacks” (LB Brian Salonen), “10 Thousand Yards” (Tony Dorsett), “9 Million Fans” (Tony Hill), “8 Touchdown Passes” (Danny White), “7 One-Hand Catches” (Mike Renfro), “Six Interceptions” (Everson Walls), “FIVE SUPER BOWL RINGS” (group effort), “4 Big Hits” (Bill Bates), “Three More Points” (Rafael Septien), “Two Front Teeth/Two Turf Shoes (Howard Richards alternating w/Phil Pozderac), and Landry’s new hats.

Enjoy the video and prepare for some off-key singing that was done with the best intentions (for charity) and with holiday spirit.