BREAKING NEWS: Why the Cowboys Are Wearing a New Uniform Color-Combination on Sunday

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Articles, Entertainment, Life & Style, The League, The Team

When the Cowboys take the field at Met Life Stadium against the Giants on Sunday at noon central, for the first time in team history the Cowboys will wear blue jerseys with white pants.

The color of uniforms for each game are determined by the home team. The Giants will wear their all-white Color Rush uniforms this weekend. The Cowboys do not have an all-blue set of Color Rush. But they do have their navy jerseys (PMS 289 C) which are normally worn with silver pants (Metallic Silver PMS 8180 C). But for Sunday’s game, they will wear the white pants they wore in Week 13’s Color Rush game.

Why the switch to the white pants?

Because the team’s merchandising department thinks it will look great, and because the blue jerseys/white pants are something players have mentioned in the past that they would like to wear. Guys like Dez Bryant have lobbied Cowboys’ equipment director Mike McCord for the blue/white combination over the years.

But why are the Giants wearing their all-white Color Rush this weekend?

Color Rush uniforms are usually worn for Thursday Night Football. But the Giants lone Thursday game this season was Thanksgiving night at the Redskins and that game was not designated a Color Rush game. The Giants, therefore, chose their Week 14 home game against the Cowboys because, according to Giants equipment director Joe Skiba, they wanted to do “a game the fans are going to be excited for an amped-up for, that’s definitely the Dallas home game.”

One other note about the Giants’ Color Rush uniforms: the “NY” helmet logo will be replaced with the throwback “GIANTS” logo. It’s also the first time the Giants will wear white jerseys at home since 2000.