Building a Strong Foundation, One Brick at a Time!

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Articles

Mike Fisher

One of the new Cowboys assistant coaches has his position group building a strong foundation one brick at a time.  Literally, one brick in each hand.

Wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal made his position group do some heavy lifting after Tuesday’s practice in Oxnard.  The receivers lined up on one side of the end zone, picked up a 25-pound brick in each hand, and carried the bricks across to the other sideline, then back.  That’s 106 yards, round trip.

Lal’s idea is to increase hand strength and improve his receivers’ grip.

“We want to rip the ball out of the air,” Lal said following Tuesday’s practice.  “When we get grabbed, we want to be able to rip (the defensive player’s) arm off and pull through.”

Lal knows that it is important to lead by example, so he ably demonstrates the proper way to execute the post-practice drill.  He also knows that his players won’t allow themselves to be out-done by their coach.

“They never want to lose to their coach, so if the coach can walk down and back, they’re going to find a way to beat the coach,” Lal told The Dallas Morning News.  “That is my philosophy.”

Lal didn’t go to a nearby construction site on a whim to pick up some red bricks.  Lal has done previous this interesting post-practice routine at previous NFL stops.  Before joining the Cowboys’ coaching staff this offseason, Lal’s previous NFL coaching stops included the Raiders, Jets, Bills and Colts.  The bricks carried by Cowboys receivers were not normal-sized, and the bricks were white instead of red.  One of the bricks carried by Cole Beasley even had a blue star on the side.

Fans attending Training Camp practices in Oxnard (and later in Frisco, beginning August 20th) should not be surprised if they see the receiving corps doing more heavy lifting, and at longer distances.  As Lal’s first Training Camp with the Cowboys progresses, he plans to extend the length of the brick-carrying walk.

After all, if a receiver can carry a 25-pound brick and improve his hand strength, carrying a 15-ounce NFL football will seem like a breeze.