D4K Dallas Cowboys Collaboration

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Articles, Entertainment, Life & Style, The Team

Much like social media stars and big-time bloggers, professional athletes influence their team’s brand and their fans (hello, endorsement dollars). But they are also influencers for what means the most to them outside of the game. They have a platform that they can use however they wish and Dak Prescott certainly takes advantage of that.

The Dallas Cowboys are historically a very charitable team – having their hand not only in the Salvation Army, but a myriad of things like Happy Hill Farm, Susan G. Komen, organizational community outreach, and more. Their star quarterback is no different.

You’ve probably seen videos about Dak on social media or football pregame shows – about how and why he points upward after a touchdown, about his faith in his ability to overcome any adversity, and how he is a total “mama’s boy.” He uses his mother’s battle with cancer as a way to push through challenges in his own life, as well as a way to touch others.

He created the Faith Fight Finish Foundation in honor of his mom, Peggy, as a way to impact the lives of people who might be going through similar things she went through.

FFF empowers individuals, families and communities to find strength even in adversity. It focuses not only on fighting cancer, but also offers aid to those facing life-challenging hardships.

The month of October has historically had a focus on fighting cancer in the NFL and across the globe. Because of his passion and influence, the Dallas Cowboys Merchandising team was inspired by Dak’s compassion and set out to collaborate with him to create an apparel line that would benefit his charity. Not only are they donating proceeds from the collection to the Faith Fight Finish Foundation, but Dak is donating his NFL royalties as well.

On Monday October 1st, Fans United at the Star held a meet and greet to launch the D4K Collection. Fans got to see everything first-hand the day it was released, plus they got to hang with and get autographs from Dak! In the first 48 hours of the collection launch, the apparel sales had already amounted to $8,000 in donations to the foundation! Cowboys fans, YOU ROCK!

The collection features men’s, women’s, and youth options, in addition to some hat styles produced by New Era Cap. Shop D4K Collection shirts and hats for your family right here and feel good about the lives you’re helping impact. Don’t forget to sport your new Dak gear this Sunday as the Cowboys take on the Texans and throughout the rest of the season. And as always, go Cowboys!!

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