DAN BAILEY: 5 Ways He Compares to All-Time Great Kickers in Cowboys’ History

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Dan Bailey is entering his 8th season with the Cowboys, but he already sits at-or-near the top of team records for kicking and points. Bailey is a Pro’s Pro and one of the most respected players in the locker room. Only one player in NFL history (Ravens’ Justin Tucker) has a better career field percentage than Bailey.

James D. Smith


FIELD GOAL ACCURACY:  88.2% (#1 All-Time in Cowboys’ history)

Bailey is first all-time for the Cowboys, just above Chris Boniol.  Interestingly, Boniol was the Cowboys’ kicking coach from 2011-13, Bailey’s first three seasons with the team.

Also, Bailey’s career percentage is 2ndbest in NFL history, behind only the Ravens’ Justin Tucker (90.2%).

Here are the “Top 10 Most Accurate Field Goal Kickers” in Cowboys’ History, led by Bailey:

1 Dan Bailey 88.2% (186-of-211)

2 Chris Boniol 87.1% (81-of-93)

3 Eddie Murray 83.3% (35-of-42)

4 Richie Cunningham 79.8% (75-of-94)

5 Nick Folk 79.0% (64-of-81)

6 Mike Nugent 77.8% (7-of-9)

7 (tie)Jose Cortez 75.0% (12-of-16)

   (tie) Martin Gramatica 75.0% (6-of-8)

   (tie) David Buehler 75% (24-of-32)

10 Billy Cundiff 74.2% (60-of-82)

For those Cowboys fans age 40+ who remember the greatness of Rafael Septien, Efren Herrera, Toni Fritsch and Mike Clark…you may wonder where they rank on this list.

Septien is #13 (71.7%, 162-of-226); Herrera is #16 (67.7%, 44-of-65); Fritsch is #21 (61.7%, 66-of-107); and Clark is #22 (58%, 69-of-119).


SCORING:  834 career points (#3 All-Time in Cowboys’ history)

For most teams, kickers are the career scoring leaders in the team record books.  But not every NFL team has Emmitt Smith, one of the most prolific scorers in NFL history.  Emmitt is tops in the Cowboys’ record book, but Bailey is climbing his way to the top.

James D. Smith

Cowboys’ Top 10 All-Time Scoring Leaders (Career Points):

1 RB Emmitt Smith 986

2 K Rafael Septien 874

3 K Dan Bailey 834

4 RB Tony Dorsett 516

5 WR Bob Hayes 456

6 WR Dez Bryant 452

7 TE Jason Witten 412

8 WR Michael Irvin 392

9 K Mike Clark 387

10 K Chris Boniol 361

James D. Smith


MOST CAREER FIELD GOALS MADE:  186 (#1 All-Time in Cowboys’ History)

No player in Cowboys’ history has successfully converted more field goal attempts than Bailey. He, along with Rafael Septien, are the only kickers in team history to make 100+ field goals.

Here’s the Cowboys’ Top 10 List for Career Field Goals Made:

1 Dan Bailey 186

2 Rafael Septein 162

3 Chris Boniol 81

4 Richie Cunningham 75

5 Mike Clark 69

6 Toni Fritsch 66

7 Nick Folk 64

8 Billy Cundiff 60

9 Ken Willis 45

10 Efren Herrera 44

James D. Smith



Longevity is tough for any player in the NFL (which players jokingly will tell you stands for “Not For Long”).  But longevity is especially tough for a kicker, especially in terms of staying with one team.  Bailey has played for only team:  Dallas, which signed him as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2011.

Top 10 Career Games- Dallas Cowboys Kicker

1 Rafael Septien 137

2 Dan Bailey 108

3 Mike Clark 58

4 Billy Cundiff 53

5 Chris Boniol 48

6 Nick Folk 46

7 Richie Cunningham 44

8 Toni Fritsch 43

9 Danny Villanueva 42

10 Efren Herrera 39


CONSECUTIVE FIELD GOALS MADE:  30 (#1 All-Time in Cowboys’ History)

What’s the old saying, ‘When you’re hot, you’re hot!!’.  That’s certainly the case for Bailey who, from the end of the 2013 season into the 2014 season, had a streak of 30-consecutive successful field goals, the longest streak in team history.  Only two kickers in team history have kicked more than 20 consecutive field goals:  Bailey and his former coach, Chris Boniol.

James D. Smith

“List of 20+ Consecutive Field Goals Made by a Cowboy”:

1 Dan Bailey 30 (2013-14)

2 Chris Boniol 27 (1996)

3 (tie) Chris Boniol 26 (1995)

(tie) Dan Bailey 26 (2011, rookie)

5 (tie) Dan Bailey 21 (2012-13)

(tie) Dan Bailey 21 (2014-15)

*Wrap-up:  Bailey is a Pro’s Pro and one of the most respected players in the locker room, hence his being named a Team Captain in each of the past five seasons.  Only one player in NFL history (Ravens’ Justin Tucker) has a better career field percentage than Bailey.  

In just seven seasons, Bailey has made his mark in the Cowboys’ as well as NFL record books.  The only kicker ahead of Bailey in the Cowboys’ record book for “points” and “games played” is Rafael Septien who played 9 seasons in Dallas. If Bailey stays healthy, he’ll surpass Septien and move into first place, then the attention will turn to Bailey surpassing Emmitt Smith for the most points in team history.