DC Studio: Last Minute Dallas Cowboys Gift Ideas

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Articles, Entertainment, Life & Style, The Team

It’s the weekend before Christmas and people are still out shopping for gifts! No judgement here though ????. Personally, I believe that it isn’t about the money spent, but the thought that went into the gift. (No matter how close to the date the thought hit you, Hah!)

I’ve gone on and on about our Studio Collection, but it’s only because it’s the most unique shopping experience in football! And if you’re one of those last-minute shoppers, it’s also a really great place to get unique gifts with a Cowboys fan still in mind. Read on for some good ideas for your favorite female fan and maybe even get yourself a little something!

  • Outerwear. Maybe they can’t show off their lucky t-shirt because it is too cold, but this army jacket and star cardigan will keep them warm WHILE show their Cowboys pride.
  • Pullover. A cozy sweater and a slouchy sweatshirt are always a good idea. Whether you’re at AT&T Stadium or watching the game from your couch, these are comfy AND cute.
  • Bags. This faux fur bag is subtle due to the navy hue, but also trendy and versatile. Remove the chain to make it a sassy evening clutch!
  • Headwear. Bad hair day or great style day? No one will know ????. These glitter truckers are sure to spice up your game day look (and your bed head!)

Hope your last-minute shopping isn’t too stressful and you’re able to spend this holiday season with loved ones. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOYS WIN ON SUNDAY. Happy Holidays and go Cowboys!