DCC Dance Academy Kicks Off 2018 Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in Oxnard

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Articles, DCC

“The best part of DCC is the opportunity to give back, and it’s fun to work with these kids who are so excited…”

Each summer in California, the first members of the Cowboys to hit the football field are not the players…it’s the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders who conduct their annual DCC Dance Academy in Oxnard.

For the hundreds of excited campers attending Wednesday’s event at Rio Mesa High School, DCC Dance Academy was a highlight of the summer.

“Today is so much fun and the kids are so eager to learn,” notes Lauren, second-year DCC and member of DCC Show Group.  “It’s great to see how many Cowboys fans we have here in California.  Honestly, it’s been great.  It’s my first time to California as a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, so coming out here and seeing how on fire they are for the Cowboys is so refreshing and so exciting.”

“It’s so rewarding and I love this so much,” adds Kelli.  “The best part of DCC is the opportunity to give back, and it’s fun to work with these kids who are so excited.  We cater the dances to the specific age levels of the kids.  I’m with the Minis who are 5-to-8 years old. We make sure the dance technique is appropriate for them.  The two other groups are the juniors and the senior, so the technique and choreography are more advanced for those older kids.”

Kelli is partial to the minis, and for good reason.

“I teach preschool and I love teaching the little ones.  It feels like I’m home with my minis!”

“This is my favorite age group,” Amy concurs.  “They are so excited to be here and they’re cute as buttons!  It’s awesome to see the smiles on their faces and I’m so glad to be here working with them.

“This is my first time teaching a DCC Dance Academy in Oxnard and the people here have been so welcoming and receptive.  It’s so sweet that we come to California and meet so many Cowboys fans who are happy to have us here.  It really shows that Cowboys Nation is spread across the country and that America’s Team really exists.”

For Amy, Lauren, Kelli and all the DCC Show Group members who led Wednesday’s Dance Academy, the goal is to teach the young campers about much more than dance.

“In addition to teaching dance, we also teach the important morals of DCC which are: Dedication, Character, and Community,” notes Amy.  “We know that DCC stands for Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, but more importantly, the acronym represents these other important aspects of being a member of the DCC.  We want to inspire everyone who is here today, and that’s why it is so important that we have this time together to not only to have fun and dance, but to share the lessons of what it means to be a DCC.”