Drew Pearson: A Cameo Role That Was a “Dream Come True”

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Articles, Entertainment

Legendary Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson experienced one of the thrills of his post-NFL career with a cameo appearance (including a speaking part!) on the June 28th episode of the long-running soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Pearson, a long-time fan of the show, taped the segment in the spring. When his episode was set to air, he couldn’t hide his excitement.

Howard Wise via jpistudios.com

Drew went to social media to Tweet: “I will see if for the first time when you see it!  I’m pumped to be playing Victor Newman’s bodyguard, Dwayne.  Too cool and a dream come true.  CBS @ 11:30am central.  Wow! Hut Hut!!!”

If you didn’t see the original airing on Thursday morning, you can check out Drew on-set with the stars of The Young and the Restlessby linking to this video by CBS New York!

Drew was especially excited to be in a scene with Eric Braeden, the actor who has played the character of Victor Newman since 1980.  That’s back when Drew was one of the well-established stars of the Dallas Cowboys.  Drew would watch the daily shenanigans of Victor Newman and the other characters of The Young & The Restless by sneaking away from the Cowboys’ facility during players’ lunch breaks and watching his favorite soap opera.

“We’d always come in for a 10am meeting and take a break at 11:30 for lunch and didn’t have to be back ‘til 1 or maybe 1:30,” Pearson told CBS Sports.  “I lived real close to the Cowboys practice field, so instead of going out to lunch with the guys, I would go home, watch Young and the Restlesson TV, then eat my lunch doing that, then go back to practice after that.”

As for his starring role, Pearson was happy to play a character other than a professional football player.

“The part they had me playing was a security guard, working for Victor Newman, which is perfect because he’s my hero,” added Pearson.  “He’s the real person I gravitated toward back in the day when I first started watching Young and the Restless.  So, I was that as opposed to Drew Pearson, former NFL player, showing up. I had a couple of lines.  I got to act with some of my favorite actors and actresses:  Victor, of course.  Victoria. Neil – Kristoff St John.  And Hilary.  These are some of my favorite actors and actresses on the show.  I was blessed and honored they included me in the segments involving them.”