Focus on Fitness: Dak Prescott’s Offseason Workouts

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Articles, Life & Style, The Team

According to NFL rules, the Dallas Cowboys’ first official day for Voluntary Offseason Workouts is April 16. That’s the beginning of Phase One of the NFL Offseason Workout Program. Phase One consists of two weeks of activities limited to strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation. But for Dak Prescott and the vast majority of his teammates, health and fitness have been part of their daily routine since the football season ended. Dak’s early portion of the offseason has included weekday visits to The Star to lift weights or work out on his own.

“It’s working out every day and watching film,” Dak says of his normal offseason routine. “I got up here about 8 a.m. and steamed and did the weight room, then I watched film of receivers. Usually about 2 p.m. my day is done, but I still want to do something active. Sometimes I’ll go golf. Or I should say that I ‘try’ to golf. It’s a work in progress. Sometimes I’ll go bowling.”

But why would a superstar like Dak spend so much time at The Star during the offseason when he could be traveling, partying and taking advantage of his status as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys? After all, he’s young, rich, famous and beloved by fans. He could be on a beach anywhere in the world or going to any party and soaking up the adulation of adoring fans.

“I don’t really care to hear good things. I don’t hang on to the good things people say. I’m different. I want to hang on to the bad things people say,” notes Dak. “I want to hang on to what you said I couldn’t do. That’s what motivates me. That’s what makes me get up in the mornings and go work out.

“You say the bad things about me and it’s motivating. I’ve been doubted my whole life. Some people said I wouldn’t play quarterback in college because I was an ‘athlete’, not a quarterback. Louisiana State recruited me as an athlete. Once I went to Mississippi State, some doubters said I wouldn’t make it. Then I was told I would be a second-string tight end in the NFL. I was drafted in the 4th round as a quarterback and doubters still said I wouldn’t make it.

“I’ll never forget being drafted in the 4th round, having seven quarterbacks picked ahead of me. There’s no way I believe there were seven guys better, but 32 teams passed on me for three rounds, including the Cowboys. I’ll never forget it. All that stuff motivates me.”

Teammates provide another big source of motivation for Dak. Even though it’s the offseason, he’s surrounded by teammates at The Star. Often, their individual workouts become group outings.

“I see almost all our teammates during the week, 50 or so guys during the offseason,” says Dak. “Almost all the guys live here, except a few that don’t live in Dallas. There are a few California guys. Basically, if they live in California, they stay there because the weather is better. But the majority of us are here.  There might be 30 or 40 guys working out, then some of us go play basketball. Cole (Beasley), he’s big on basketball in the offseason, so I go play with him sometimes.”

Group settings is a great way to stay motivated and, just as importantly, have fun while meeting your wellness and fitness goals.

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