Jason Witten’s MNF Broadcasting Debut Will Be “Outstanding”, Predicts Coach Garrett

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Articles, The League, The Team

Richard Rodriguez via AP

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is predicting an “outstanding job” by former Cowboys tight end Jason Witten when the future Hall of Famer makes his regular season debut on Monday Night Football tonight.

Witten will be the analyst in ESPN’s booth for the Rams-Raiders game in Oakland. A year ago, Witten played against both teams in his 15th and final season with the Cowboys.

“I just think he’s going to do a great job,” says Garrett. “We’ve talked about this many times. He’s one of the most special people I’ve ever been around. He certainly has tremendous knowledge of football. He’s a charming guy. He’s a great story teller as much as anything else. As with anybody doing anything for the first time, it will probably take him a little bit to get comfortable and get the team comfortable working together, all of that.

“He’s a rare guy. I think he’ll do an outstanding job and they’re lucky to have him.”

Garrett was asked if there were a point during the offseason or training camp when it truly hit him that Witten was really gone from the team and not coming back.

“Yeah, the first day of practice when we went out there and he wasn’t the first guy in line,” replied Garrett. “We started running routes and he wasn’t the first guy in line. We started running plays and he wasn’t the guy leading the huddle and commanding the group and setting a great example.

“Not only has he played so long, he’s practiced here every day and he virtually took every rep in practice and played every rep in every game week-in and week-out for 15 years. So, he’s certainly been a special player in this franchise’s history.

“One of the things we can all feel good about is the example he set and the standard he set. That’s what we strive to live up to every day.”