Letters by Sean Lee, Tyrone Crawford & Jeff Heath to Commissioner Goodell In Support of Randy Gregory’s Reinstatement

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Articles, The Team

“He has the right mindset to succeed. He has the right support system to succeed. He has the right teammates to succeed.”

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Three veteran leaders of the Dallas Cowboys wrote letters to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in support of teammate Randy Gregory’s application for reinstatement to the league following suspensions for violations of the league’s substance abuse policy.  Sean Lee, Tyrone Crawford, and Jeff Heath’s letters were among a reported 2,000+ pages of content in the application.

Here are copies of the letters posted on-line by The Dallas Morning News on SportsDay.DallasNews.com:

LETTER FROM LINEBACKER SEAN LEE (Cowboys’ Co-Captain, Defense):

Commissioner Goodell:

As one of the longest tenured players in our locker room, I have a unique perspective of the entire team. Being in the Dallas Cowboys locker room everyday allows me to understand the power and positive presence of my fellow teammates. Randy is exactly the type of person that would positively benefit from being back in the NFL, back with the Dallas Cowboys.

He has battled his personal issues, and he has learned from them. We have a saying around here, ‘It’s a privilege, not a right, to play, coach and work for the Dallas Cowboys,’ and each of us takes this saying very serious and never takes for granted playing for this organization. Randy does not take the blessing of playing football for granted, and despite what he has been through over the course of the last two or three years, he is working hard to make himself better. He deserves a second chance to take advantage of his abilities, to positively contribute to this team and to the NFL, on and off the field.

 Randy is a good person, with a big heart and an infectious personality that can lift up the spirits of everyone around him. He is intelligent, and I believe that is what will make this time different for him. With a second chance, he knows he has the opportunity to turn his life around, right any wrongs he has done and be a positive influence and role model to anyone who hears his story.

He has the right mindset to succeed. He has the right support system to succeed. He has the right teammates to succeed. Now, he just needs the opportunity to put these important influences back into his life, and he will be the man we all know he can be.

 Please reach out to me if you have any more questions or need any other information.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Sean Lee


Commissioner Goodell:

Over the course of the last several seasons, I have been through the rigors of the NFL and have been around a lot of players. Now, being a leader among the veterans, and more specifically the defensive line, I think back to when I first met Randy. I noticed something different about him. A desire to be better, a want to grow. He had his issues that kept him from attaining those goals right off the bat, but he did fight to move forward.

Randy always has been a good teammate. He was always good to me and to others on and off the field. He strove to be on time and go about things like a professional. He fought some demons that stalled his growth, but being away from the game that gave him structure, gave him perspective and taught him to reach from within has helped give him a view of what he wants his future to be.

It’s important to him, it’s important to us, to get him back around the guys he is familiar with, to be back in the room with me and some of the other veterans that will be there for him and help him grow into the man he wants to be.

As a rookie, he was always striving for respect in the locker room, while struggling to live up to the expectations of what someone else wanted him to be. That’s what got to him, and at that age, it got to him, like it would anyone. I know from his time away, he has definitely matured. He was matured with the birth of his child, and he’s grown from everything he’s been through over the past few years. I believe he can come back and be a success story in this league and help out others.

 If you need any clarification, or have any questions, please reach out to me.


Tyrone Crawford


Commissioner Goodell:

When Randy arrived in Dallas as our second round draft pick in 2015, I was beginning my third year in the league with the Dallas Cowboys. Getting to know Randy in his rookie year, I saw a good kid, with a good heart who means well. I got the vibe that he is a humble guy. He is quiet, and wouldn’t necessary voice, but he cherished the relationships he was building within this building. He was very thankful that there were guys who had his back.

 Just like everyone else, Randy encountered some bumps in the road that led to his suspension from the NFL. When I saw him recently, he told me he realized there are better ways to deal with his stress, and for him, it was to have a good group of people around who have his best interest in mind. Just recognizing that, and realizing that was an issue, is a huge step for him. The best thing for him is to be in this locker room, around his teammates.

For Randy, when he’s in this locker room, he knows there are a bunch of guys who care about him, for no other reason than he is a part of the family. He is our teammate, and we want to see him do well. To isolate a guy like him, and not allow him to be around his teammates, is not the way to handle him. He does best when he knows people care about him. He is willing to really work on himself a lot in order to make relationships in the locker room with the new players, coaches and everyone around this football team.

I truly believe it is in the best interest of Randy, not only Randy the football player, but Randy the man, to be back with the team, around the team mentality, unity and structure. After being away for the last year, and working to right his life, Randy is ready to make his return and deserves a second chance.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to speak with you further on his reinstatement.

 Thank you for your consideration,

Jeff Heath

The letters must have helped Gregory’s case because the commissioner conditionally reinstated Gregory last week.

Gregory, the pass-rushing defensive end who missed the entire 2017 season due to suspension, will be allowed to attend meetings and take part in conditioning work at 2018 Training Camp in Oxnard, California which begins this week.  According to the NFL, once arrangements have been confirmed regarding Gregory’s clinical resources in Dallas, and subject to compliance with the terms of his reinstatement and all aspects of the NFL-NFLPA Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse, he will be permitted to participate in all activities, including practices and games.