Making Memories and Celebrating Milestones: DCC Pinky Ring Party

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Articles, DCC

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, a 14-carat gold pinky ring is the tie that binds generations of America’s Sweethearts. At Thursday night’s annual DCC Pinky Ring Party hosted by Diamonds Direct, DCC rookies were fitted for their rings.

“The Pinky Party at Diamonds Direct is something we look forward to every year as the rookies are fitted for their pinky rings,” notes Kelli Finglass, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders director.

“When a cheerleader completes her first season with the Cowboys, she gets a 14-carat gold ring made here. This DCC pinky ring spans over six decades of women that have graced the sidelines of the Dallas Cowboys. It’s a beautiful, simple ring. It has a DCC inscription. I’ve had many alumni tell me that their ring means as much to them as any other piece of jewelry they own because of the bonds and memories and achievements associated with the DCC.”

“Tonight, we have 16 ladies getting fitted. Ten months ago, these 16 ladies were among hundreds who auditioned in hopes of making our team. We’re really proud for this past season’s rookie class because it’s a special group. The entire squad, including all the veterans, are here tonight to celebrate. For everyone who has ever been a DCC, this is like our Super Bowl rings.”

The party is always a first-class event. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse’s served amazing hors d’oeuvres and the bubbly was compliments of Moet & Chandon champagne. Of course, when you’re a rookie getting your finger sized for a pinky ring …or a DCC veteran having fun trying on diamonds in the jewelry cases…you want your nails to look their best. That’s why MiniLuxe provided nail polish.

DCC veteran Kelli S. won the drawing for the Diamonds Direct star-shaped diamond necklace, which was presented by general manger Yosi Mayer.

“We are really proud to do this and it’s such a great feel to create the rings for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, it bonds us together for life and we know this is an important symbol,” says Mayer. “All of our employees feel the same way. And hosting the party is very exciting and we want to make it a memorable event. We get calls from other Diamonds Direct locations to get feedback about the party because the Dallas Cowboys have fans all over the country. And the ultimate compliment from the cheerleaders themselves is when they come back to us for other important milestones.”

“We have done engagements rings for four of the cheerleaders, two on the current squad. It’s our pleasure because we treat them like family and we get to be part of another life-changing event. That what makes these opportunities unique and what keeps us going. We love doing it.”

Lexi and Amy are the current DCC veterans sporting Diamond Direct jewelry on their ring fingers as well as their pinkies.

“My fiancée, Grant, came with me to last year’s Pinky Party when I was rookie,” recalls Lexi. “We looked around the jewelry cases and tried on a bunch of rings. At that point last year, we were already in the point of our relationship where we knew we would get engaged. But at the party, we weren’t specifically looking for an engagement ring, we were just having fun looking at different things. I tried on a ton and he picked up some clues of things I liked.”

“Coming to the party gave him an idea of what to look for, but more importantly, it gave him the confidence that he could come back here and talk to Yosi and the people at Diamonds Direct because they are so helpful. So, Grant came back on his own and he did such a great job of picking out my ring. Actually, tonight I’m looking at wedding bands because it’s time to pick those out. The big day is coming up in two months!”

“Two years ago, Maddie and I went over to the counter and were looking at rings and I found an infinity band that I was obsessed with” says Amy. “I absolutely loved the ring. They said I could put it on file and I told my boyfriend, Harry, about it. But I didn’t really think anything would come of it.

About four months later, that’s the ring he proposed with! Then I said, ‘Well, I have to get my wedding band from here, too!’  They have such a great staff here, and we came and picked out our wedding bands together.”

As for the DCC rookie class, they know the Pinky Party is a milestone in their dance careers.

“We’re fitted tonight and receive the pinky ring next month at our banquet, so the ring symbolizes the time that you turn from rookie into a veteran,” Erin explains. “It’s a huge honor. And this event is something I’ve seen for years on CMT, and now I can’t believe I’m here! The veterans already have their pinky rings, so last year as rookies we’d see those rings, and we wanted them for ourselves. That’s why this is such an exciting night.”

“I’ve been waiting to get my pinky rings for years because it’s a symbol of sisterhood and symbol of accomplishment to complete your rookie season and become a veteran,” adds Cianna. “And when I say that I’ve waited for years, it’s because I’ve followed the DCC for many years through social media and seen their posts about the rings. It’s a tradition that is passed down through generations of DCC. Being part of the DCC has been a dream come true. Just to get to this point, I’m so grateful for this experience.”

“Getting fitted tonight makes me think of the women who came before us as DCC and set the standard that we uphold,” says Rachel W. “I think back to auditions and seeing the women who were wearing those rings. I looked up to them and now I will have one, too. And for the party, it’s special to be here with your rookie sisters as well as the veteran teammates who’ve come to feel like family members. This is a chance to reflect on the memories we made last season.”