OffSeason Prep

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Articles, Life & Style, Nutrition, The Team

The official Dallas Cowboys offseason program starts next Monday, April 16th!  While it is called the “offseason”, it is really the time of year that players dial in on the details of meeting their goals. In the weight room, they work on getting stronger, on the field they work on fine-tuning their skills and in the meeting room, they sharpen their minds to get better at their position. Taking time to focus on the little things helps the players, and you, get better at accomplishing the bigger things.

So many people focus on the goal, be it to start eating healthy, fit in a swimsuit or maybe run your first marathon this running season. The truth is, if you want to win the game (like the Boys) or accomplish your goal, you must pay attention to the day-to-day first. Let’s dial in on 5 little things to help you reach your goal:

J. Jhass / Cowboys Fit


Schedule in your workouts

A goal without a plan is a wish. If you want to get serious about your workouts, prioritize them. Schedule your workout like a playdate or work meeting on your calendar, then if the day gets too busy, reschedule it. Many people wake up every day with the option to workout, whereas if you want to get results, you need to wake up with the conviction to workout.


Prep the lunchbox

Even if you have your workouts down, it is way too easy to out-eat a workout. Prepping your food the night or weekend before can help you stay on track and say “no” to the donuts or cookies that just walked into your office breakroom. If you don’t have food with you, you are more likely to eat what is around, so fill up that lunchbox up with nutrient-rich goodies!


Choose your accountability

Get accountable to someone or something! Maybe it is a gym workout partner or possibly you and your friend are going to track your food and check in on each other.

J. Jhass / Cowboys Fit

Whatever it is, find a way to get accountable, as this helps you stay committed to your goal.

J. Jhass / Cowboys Fit


Plan for a rainy day

Things and people will rain on your healthy eating/workout parade so plan for it! If a day looks to be hectic, schedule your workout for early in the morning so you don’t miss it. If you get talked in to going out to eat for lunch, look at the restaurant menu and choose a healthy option before you go. Life is about choices, so make the decision to have a plan B in place, just in case plan A gets thrown out the window!



Many people think the key to accomplishing a goal is to go hard all the time. Nope! In fact, the players only train 4 days in the offseason, maybe a light 5th.

J. Jhass / Cowboys Fit

The truth is, your body needs rest to rebuild, recover and keep you sane. So, be sure to take a day off from the gym and schedule in a meal where you splurge a little. If life is miserable on the path to your goal, you will get off course, so plan in rest and enjoyment so that reaching your goal is doable.