How Much Do Cowboys Players Get Paid for Playoff Games?

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Articles, The League, The Team

Dallas Cowboys players received $29,000 each for the Wild Card game against the Seahawks last Saturday and will receive another $29,000 each for this coming Saturday’s Divisional Round game at the Rams. If the Cowboys beat the Rams and advance to the NFC Championship Game, they’ll collect an additional $54,000 each.

The amount of postseason pay is determined by the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). In accordance with the CBA, all players, regardless of veteran status or on-field performance, receive a standard amount for each playoff game. The amount rises as the teams advance through the postseason.

Here’s the full pay chart for this year’s postseason:

Wild Card Round: $29,000 (division winner), $27,000 (non-division winner)

Divisional Round: $29,000

Conference Championship Games: $54,000

Super Bowl: $118,000 (winning team); $59,000 (losing team)

If the Cowboys were to advance all the way to the Super Bowl and win the game, each player would receive $230,000 in postseason money, a combination of all four rounds of playoffs, including the winner’s share of the Super Bowl payout.

Players on a playoff team’s Injured Reserve or Game Day inactive list receive the same amount as players who participate in the game. Members of the Practice Squad receive an additional weekly paycheck during postseason ($7,600 per week, as long as the team remains in the playoffs).

The NFL’s postseason compensation is egalitarian. Every member of the team receives the same amount of money. For example, star defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, the Cowboy with the highest base salary in 2018 at $17.43 million, gets the same amount this weekend as rookie third-string quarterback Mike White who will be inactive for the game.

Lawrence’s weekly check during the regular season is $1,008,411.70 (1/17th of $17.43 million). White’s weekly check during the regular season is $28,235 (1/17th of $480,000 base salary). But their checks are identical this weekend: $29,000.

Lawrence and the four other Cowboys players who were named to The Pro Bowl will receive additional compensation. Lawrence and fellow Pro Bowlers Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, Zeke Elliott, and Byron Jones will receive $67,000 if their team wins the Pro Bowl; they will receive $34,000 if they are on the losing team in the Pro Bowl.