Prep Classes Gave These DCC a Leg-Up at Auditions

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Each spring the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders hold Prep Classes which are designed for DCC hopefuls planning to audition in May.  The classes are held each Friday evening at the DCC Studio at The Star in Frisco.  Master instructors and veteran DCC Group Leaders teach the choreography and techniques that make the DCC style so unique.  The curriculum includes DCC dance combinations, high kicks, Performance Power, as well as an on-field class.

Many current members of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have benefitted from Prep Classes and credit the curriculum and training for helping them make the team!

James D. Smith via AP

“These Prep Classes are so helpful, they are the only place you’re going to get the DCC style, stuff we will actually do on the field,” notes Rachel, who just completed her rookie season with the DCC.  “Last year’s Prep Class was the first time I ever had the chance to experience that style, my first taste of DCC choreography.  Growing up (in Plano, TX), I did studio dance.  I did some cheer in high school, and was on the pom squad in college (Texas Tech).  Nothing I did growing up was similar to the DCC style. 

“It’s hard to explain the DCC style; it’s different from the jazz and hip-hop we did on our pom squad.  The DCC style uses different parts of your body and you have to ‘pop’ in different places.  I wasn’t used to that.  I talked to Jennifer, one of the DCC group leaders who assisted at our Prep Class.  She helped me with the style.  She showed me different spots within the routine where I could add a little ‘pop’ to the choreography.

“There was also a Q&A after my class in which Jennifer and Lacey, another DCC group leader, gave us extra advice.  I also had a chance to talk with Judy (Trammell, DCC choreographer) who gave me advice about makeup.  They shared information about what kind of tights to wear, about the outfits that are most slimming.  They showed us different examples of shorts and outfits.  The classes are not just about dance, it’s also a good opportunity to talk to current and former DCC and staff members and get some feedback about what you need to work on to improve before auditions.”

Three years ago, a small-town girl from Kentucky, couldn’t decide whether or not to come to North Texas for a Prep Class.  That same girl just finished her third season with the DCC.   Her name is KaShara and she just returned from Orlando where she represented the entire Cowboys’ organization as the 2018 Pro Bowl DCC.  She credits the Prep Class with helping her get through her first DCC Audition, and now she heartily recommends the classes to rookie hopefuls.
“I would definitely encourage anyone thinking of auditioning to take advantage of the Prep Classes, especially with former DCC squad members and choreographers coming to The Star to help,” says KaShara.  “Current Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are assisting, so they can answer questions and give real-life examples of how to balance work-life as well as rehearsals.  They can tell you what it’s like to be a DCC, the logistical side of picking-up-your-life and moving here Texas to cheer for the Cowboys.  They can help with the aesthetics:  what to wear, what not to wear.  They can give you advice on how to manage your time, especially during the audition process.  That kind of information is better than gold.

“People that live in Dallas-Ft Worth have amazing resources to prepare themselves for auditions, but even the girls who are out-of-town can take advantage, too.   When I lived in Kentucky I told my mom that I didn’t need to go to Dallas for a class, but she said, ‘You should go see if you’re going to like it’.  After my class, I thought, ‘Man, I DO WANT THIS!  This is COOL!’  It gave me a second wind, I was like, ‘Okay, LET’S GO!!!’.  It reaffirmed my decision to go for it. 

“To be honest, it helped my motivation.   If you’re from out-of-town and you’re planning on auditioning, definitely come down to a Prep Class and take one at The Star.”

The first-round of 2018 DCC Auditions is Saturday, May 5th.

Friday evening Prep Classes continue now through Friday, May 4th.  Each class has a different instructor, all with ties to the DCC. Check the specific schedule to see the instructors and curriculum for that particular class.

The “Field of Dreams” class on April 13th will take place on the football field inside The Ford Center at The Star in Frisco.  The instructor is Shelly Bramhall, a former DCC member and current DCC instructor.

The opportunity to take an on-field class at the home of the Dallas Cowboys is something that really helped Rachel last spring.

“I was in Lubbock (at Texas Tech) during the 2017 spring semester, but I found out that one of the DCC Prep Classes I could attend took place on the football field, and there’s a big difference between performing on a football field as compared to a dance studio or a stage,” recalls Rachel.  “A stadium is so large, you can get swallowed-up by the field.  Naturally you use more energy to dance bigger and perform bigger on a field.  It can wear you down, so it was helpful to get used to the field. 

“Also, during last year’s on-field Prep Class, we learned the DCC Kick Line and I was able to get comfortable.  If you make it to Round 3 of

Auditions, you will perform a dance routine and the DCC Kick Line on the field at AT&T Stadium, so you need to be familiar with dancing big in a big setting.”

Rachel also says a big benefit from Prep Class is something that has nothing to do with choreography or aesthetics.  It’s face-time with DCC staffers, as well as the self-confidence that you gain when you feel well-prepared entering auditions.

“The entire week before the class, I didn’t know what to expect,” admits Rachel.  “On my way to class, I was terrified.  But once I got to the class, it made me feel more confident.  I was so much better prepared. And I was very excited because I think attending classes and being remembered by the staff and instructors is important when auditions roll around in May.

James D. Smith via AP

“When hundreds of girls are trying out at auditions, it’s very easy to slip-through-the-cracks, especially during the First Round when you only have 90-seconds on the dance floor.  But these Prep Classes allow you to be recognized when it’s time to audition.”

The 2018 DCC Prep Classes are $40 unless bought pre-packaged.  Class sizes are limited.  Walk-up participants ($45) are welcome based on space availability.  Online pre-registration is encouraged.

For more information, including the full schedule of classes/instructors/topics, as well as to register for Prep Class, link here!