The only thing the Giants and Cowboys fans can agree upon is our mutual loathing for the Eagles—in particular their fans. Unruly, belligerent, and disorderly are just some of the words used to describe GQ’s “Worst Fans in America”. I don’t need to bash the Eagles fans to prove my point, I’ll let the headlines do the talking.


1. I think their most recent shenanigans speaks for itself…

stolen leg 1



2. Don’t worry though, the police eventually found and returned his leg.

found leg



3. I mean, they don’t even like each other!

stadium brawl



4. Not to mention, they can’t even follow simple directions.




5. If Santa isn’t safe, no one is! (Who does that??)




6. They cheered during a career ending injury. Stay classy Philadelphia.

michael irvin



7. Not to mention, they are the perfect example of disorderly conduct. I rest my case.



So this Thanksgiving set aside time to count your blessings and give thanks, and be thankful you’re not an Eagles fan!