Salute to Service: Coming Full Circle, Savannah Returns to Fort Hood

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Articles, DCC, Entertainment, Life & Style

Savannah is a two-year DCC veteran who celebrated a homecoming during the Cowboys’ first-ever Salute to Service Military Week ‘Fuel Up to Play 60 Minicamp’ held on base at Fort Hood.

“It just felt really special to give back to a community where I grew up and that gave me so many amazing experiences,” said Savannah. “Giving back to the children of military families is important because I was in their shoes. I was a military child. At the time, I didn’t realize some of the sacrifices I made. When you’re a kid, if your mom or dad is deployed, you don’t realize that you’re making sacrifices. So, I was really honored to be able to come back and help these kids.”

Savannah, along with DCC teammates KaShara, Maddie, Rachel, Ashlee, and Cianna, volunteered a full day of their week to take part in the event. The Cowboys’ bus departed Frisco at 5am in order to make the 2 ½ drive to Fort Hood and arrive at Montague Village Elementary School in time for the first of two minicamp sessions.

Along with coaches from the Dallas Cowboys Youth Football Academy, the DCC joined students for Dairy MAX’s Fuel Up to Play 60 assembly which included nutrition games and lessons on making healthy eating choices. Then the kids headed outdoors to the football field for 60 minutes of fun as coaches led football drills for football and the DCC taught dance routines and movement exercises. Every student participated in each of the eight minicamp exercises, from dance to pass-catching.

Courtesy of Savannnah H.

During the assemblies, Savannah told the students that she was once in their shoes.

“You never know what kids’ reactions will be,” noted Savannah, “but they came up to me and said things like, ‘I can’t believe you really used to live here!’  I though it was really, really cool because maybe I could inspire them to follow their interests in dance or cheer or whatever passion they have in their lives. You never know when you can plant a seed with a young person to where they think, ‘Hey, there was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader that lived at Fort Hood where I lived, maybe I can do something like that, too!’  You just never know.

“Looking back to when I was here and just starting school, I could never have imagined that I would be back at a military base to do an event like this.”

As the Cowboys’ bus drove through the base and past the PX (Post Exchange store), Savannah recalled a very special memory from her time at Fort Hood.

“When I lived here my mom said, ‘We have to make a trip to the PX because Bob Hope, a very important guy, is signing autographs and you have to go meet him’. I went and we met him. I didn’t realize until I joined the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders how important Bob Hope is to the USO and to the military community and to the DCC. He helped pioneer USO Tours and the DCC has been on more USO tours than any other entertainer in history.

“Entertaining troops and working with military families around the world is a big part of our role as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. It’s not just entertaining troops, it’s supporting them and their families as a way to say ‘thank you’ for their service and sacrifice.

“Outside our DCC Studio at The Star is an award we received from the USO called ‘The Spirit of Hope’ which is named for Bob Hope, of course.

Courtesy of Savannnah H.

As a little kid I was able to meet him right here at the PX. And now I’m back at Fort Hood as a member of the DCC carrying on that same type of spirit, so I guess you could say that I’ve come full circle.”