Training Camp Confidential: Who Is the Best Singer Among Cowboys Rookies?

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Articles, Entertainment, The Team

Michael Ainsworth via AP

It’s a rite of passage for NFL rookies: standing in front of a group of veterans and coaches during a team meeting and singing a song. In the old days, rookies sang school songs. But these days, the selections are as vast as your personal playlist.

This year’s 2018 Dallas Cowboys Rookie Class is taking advantage of a wide variety of songs to show off their musical talent (or lack thereof). And through the first two weeks of camp, the title-holder for “best singer” among Cowboys rookies is quarterback Dalton Sturm, an undrafted free agent from UT-San Antonio.

Sturm is so good, he’s been asked to sing as the finale of multiple meetings. His version of K-CI & Jo Jo’s “All My Life” drew rave reviews.

“If he was to drop an album, I would probably buy it,” veteran defensive end Charles Tapper told The Dallas Morning News.

“It’s just good times up there, trying to liven-up camp a little bit,” Sturm said modestly.

“Yeah, he should try out for American Idol,” Tapper. “Any song he wants to sing, he does a great job.”

As the top pick of the 2018 Rookie Class, linebacker Leighton Vander Esch was going to be under the microscope (and microphone) with his teammates.

“I did a little ‘Sweet Caroline’ the other night,” said the Cowboys’ 1st-round pick told me following Sunday’s Blue-White Scrimmage.

And how did that go?

“Leighton went up there and sung his little heart out and they kept booing him,” reported Tapper.

As for 2nd-round draft pick Connor Williams, the former Texas Longhorn got an assist from a Big-12 rival.

The starting left guard channeled his inner John Denver during a rousing rendition of Country Roads. The song’s lyrics include:

“Country roads, take me home,

To the place I belong, West Virginia, Mountain Mama

Take me home, country roads”

The reference to West Virginia prompted veteran wide receiver Deonte Thompson to join Williams in an impromptu duet. Thompson played college football for the Mountaineers of the University of West Virginia.

Third-round pick, wide receiver Michael Gallup, attempted Freaky Friday by Chris Brown. Gallup joked that he got mixed reviews, but mostly boos.

“I guess it’s good if you get booed because you get out quicker,” Gallup told Sports Day. “If you do a good job like some of the others, you’re up there longer.”

Looks like Gallup has already figured out how to work the system.

Not all the song selections are current hits. Sixth-round draft choice Bo Scarbrough, a running back from Alabama, went the Motown route with The Temptations’ “My Girl” which was released in 1964.

The rookies have plenty of time to rehearse their musical selections. Training Camp in Oxnard continues through August 17th which gives Tapper and other veteran teammates more opportunities to channel their inner-Simon Cowell.