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Let’s get started with our first question:

Do players get paid why they are away at Training Camp?  If so, do they get more because they are away-from-home as compared to teams like the Texans that hold training camp at their in-town practice facilities?   Go Cowboys!  Parker; College Station, TX

Although the paychecks do not compare to the big money of the regular season, in addition to room & board in Oxnard, veteran and first-year players are paid for participating in Training Camp.

NFL veterans receive per diem payments of $1,900 per week; first-year players receive per diem payments of $1,075 per week.

The amounts are proscribed in the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, so Dallas Cowboys players receive the same amount as Houston Texans players, even though the Cowboys are practicing in California and the Texans are practicing at home in Houston.

As for the terminology of “first-year player” and “veteran”, here is what you need to know:

A first-year player is not the same thing as a “rookie”.

A “rookie” is participating in his first NFL Training Camp.  Under the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, all players (including rookies) “receive room and board during the preseason training camp, and housing between training camp and the Tuesday prior to their Club’s first regular season game for those players who have not as yet established residence in the Team city”.

A “first-year player”, as described in Article 23 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, is “defined as any player who has not completed one season in which a year of Credited Service has been earned”.

Cowboy wide receivers Lance Lenoir is a good example of a first-year player.  He was in training camp last summer but did not survive the final roster cuts.  After camp, he was signed to the Cowboys’ practice squad.   Lenoir spent most of his rookie season on the practice squad and played in only 1 regular season game.  He did not get enough playing time in the regular season to accrue a year of Credited Service.  Therefore, he is technically a first-year player instead of a 2-year veteran.

A “veteran” is defined as “any player who has completed one or more seasons in which a year of Credited Service has been earned”.

The veteran weekly Training Camp per diem ($1,900) is $825 higher than the first-year player per diem ($1,075).