Which Cowboys Team Captain Is Nicknamed “The Butcher”?

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Articles, The League, The Team

Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli gives his defensive linemen funny (and sometimes head-scratching) nicknames. David Irving is “Dino” as in The Flintstone’s Dino the Dinosaur because Irving is so long and tall (with a long neck). Caraun Reid was dubbed “The Professor” by Marinelli because Reid went to Princeton (and presumably all Princeton people are smart). But which player earned the nickname “The Butcher”?

“Tyrone Crawford is The Butcher,” says Marinelli. “Our defensive ends are explosive and a guy like ‘The Butcher’ you can put anywhere. He can play a base end with power. He can overpower these offensive tackles. And he can go inside and create movement on these guards because he’s quick. He’s really lean and fast. And his character is off-the-charts. So, we can put The Butcher just about anywhere and get him going.

“He can go inside and play a ‘heavy 5’, he can play a ‘heavy 3’, and the Butcher can go in and it doesn’t matter where he goes. He’s going to get the job done!”

So, it’s Crawford’s work ethic – bringing it every single snap of every single practice and game – and his utility that earned the nickname, not a reference to ‘The Butcher’ as a maniacal horror film character wielding a meat cleaver. It’s a well-deserved moniker that is befitting for a Cowboys’ team captain.