Alex Brandon via AP

Jason Witten has officially crossed over to the ‘other side’, A.K.A. our side (The Media)! Last night, Witten made his debut on national television with ESPN. He called the game between the Jets and Redskins with the Monday Night Football crew, and out in Oxnard, Jason Garrett was all smiles when asked about Witten’s recent accomplishment. Coach Garrett gushed about Witten, saying he is “Simply one of the best players, one of the best people I’ve ever been around in my life. We have a great friendship. And he’s going to approach the Monday Night Football analyst job just like he’s approached everything in his life. He’s going to do it 100 mph. He’s going to be completely prepared. I think people are going to find out how charming and engaging he is, and he’ll obviously provide great analysis of football.”