Witten Will Work with His 8th Position Coach in 16 Seasons

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Articles, The League, The Team

When Jason Witten returns for the 2018 season, he’ll have a new position coach for the eighth time in his 16 seasons with the Cowboys. The new incoming coach will be the third Tight Ends coach in three consecutive seasons for Dallas.

The retirement of Steve Loney, tight ends coach last season, comes one year after the retirement of Mike Pope who served three years with the Cowboys (2014-16).

Of all the positions on the Cowboys’ staff, Tight Ends Coach has been the revolving door. Loney and Pope are two of seven TEs coaches since Witten was drafted by the Cowboys in 2003. How familiar are you with the others? You’ll earn your blue Cowboys’ star if you know the names of other coaches on the list below. This is a tough one though, so I’ll give you a few hints.

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In 2011, an assistant coach who joined his dad’s staff six years earlier worked his way up from Quality Control/Offense…to Assistant Offensive Line Coach… to Tight Ends Coach. He is the son of Son of Bum. We’re talking about Wes Phillips who left after the 2013 season to become the Washington Redskins’ tight ends coach.

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More family ties … Witten’s Tight Ends Coach for six seasons from 2007-2012 is a member of the Garrett family … Jason’s older brother, John!


The 2006 season was a one-and-done year for Tight Ends Coach Freddie Kitchens who left the following year for the Arizona Cardinals where he has served in various capacities including coaching tight ends, quarterbacks, and running backs coach.

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Better known as the former head coach of Syracuse, this person moved from college football to the NFL in 2005 after 14 seasons in charge at the Orange football program. Paul Pasqualoni coached Witten and the Cowboys tight ends before moving to the defensive side of the ball and working with the linebackers beginning in 2006.

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And now we’ve finally made it all the way down the list to Witten’s first tight ends coach with the Cowboys.

Bill Parcells brought this coach with him to Dallas when he took over as head coach of the Cowboys. Tony Sparano who coached tight ends from 2003-04 before moving to offensive line coach in 2005.

Did you remember any of these names? If so, you’re a TRUE BLUE fan!

Once again, here’s the list of Witten’s tight ends coaches in chronological order:

Tony Sparano (2003-04)

Paul Pasqualoni (2005)

Freddie Kitchens (2006)

John Garrett (2007-2012)

Wes Phillips (2013)

Mike Pope (2014-16)

Steve Loney (2017)