Women of the Front Office

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Articles, The League, The Team

Hear how the women of the Dallas Cowboys front office are breaking barriers and making a name for themselves in the sports industry.

Name: Tiffany Rauschkolb

Nomination: Nominated by Delanie because of her work ethic and perspective on the sports industry.

Title/Role: Event Specialist

Hometown: Westbank, LA (aka The BESTbank—for all of you Eastbank-ers out there)

College: Southeastern Louisiana University: Went to school for athletic training, basically kinesiology, with the hopes of doing sports medicine. Didn’t exactly go that route. Ended up getting masters from there as well.

How’d you get into sports?: When I was in school doing athletic training, I worked with a lot of athletes, specifically the women’s basketball team. I really enjoyed the comradery, traveling with them, helping them transition from college and life after basketball, but I still wasn’t sure if that’s the direction I wanted to go for my career.

Once finished with my undergrad, I did an internship with Disney Wide World of Sports, which I enjoyed, but again didn’t know if that’s the path I wanted to go. I decided to go back to school and get my masters to try and figure out my career path (and honestly, play around a little more—ha!) I ended up being a graduate assistant and one of my responsibilities was working with the athletic department and athletes on their community outreach initiatives and programming. I did a little bit of everything in this role, so I was able to really figure out what my strengths were. Once I completed my masters, I was in a little bit of limbo looking for a job. This was right around when Hurricane Katrina hit, and the New Orleans Hornets needed help reallocating to Oklahoma City. A friend of mine worked for the Hornets at the time and asked if I had interest in joining the team in the interim (they’d only pay me per diem, but hey… that was still pretty good!) I worked out there for a couple of weeks, closely with the NBA, and they requested that the Hornets hire me on full time as their Director of Ticket Operations. After about a year and a half, I started to get homesick and wanted to get closer to Louisiana. I ended up going to work for the American Airlines Center in the premium ticket department. The Dallas Desperados Arena Football team (owned by Jerry Jones at the time) played their home games at the AAC so I ended up getting close to some of the folks that worked for the Cowboys ticketing department. When a position opened at the Cowboys they kept me in mind and now here I am, almost 11 years later!

Why did you choose to work in sports?: I’ve just always enjoyed sports, going to events, being a part of something bigger. I’m not very athletic, pretty spastic honestly, but people are just always in a good mood; healthy competition, the environment, I enjoy being around it all! In college working in the athletic department, seeing athletes as more than just athletes but as friends/brothers/sisters, having a different layer to themselves, and just wanting to be a part of that.

Tell me about your role: Event Specialist, a pretty random title, basically all encompassing—ticket operations. My main role is to handle ticketing for college games. When we host college football, I serve as the liaison between the schools and us—ticketing, assign allotments, manifests, working with SeatGeek to put the events on sale. I manage the event, make sure everything runs smoothly and the schools have everything they need. I also handle all employee comps for the season and special events for our internal groups. Oh, I also am the main point of contact for all our Super Bowl needs. It sounds like I am very important, huh? OH, I also do all our away game tickets and player tickets as well. So, I guess I do, do a lot of different stuff…

Favorite memory at the Dallas Cowboys: My first day at work, honestly. Pulling up to old Texas stadium…which is obviously not as beautiful as AT&T…but being in total awe that I work here. Pulling into the parking lot of this historic organization that I am now a part of, and just having that moment with myself, taking it all in, before getting out of the car and getting to work.

What drives you to succeed?: I just kind of feel like I’m always in competition with myself. I always want to be better than before. Constantly wanting to learn, striving to be a better person and role model. I don’t always succeed BUT I am always willing to try to be better every day. My parents gave me work ethic qualities as well and I want to make them proud, but a lot of the pressure comes from within.

Role Model: Heather Lawrence Benedict, she was my mentor, the one that gave me advice when I was starting out. She wasn’t much older than me, but she had incredible experience. She is now a professor at Ohio University and we get a lot of interns from her and her department, so we have come full circle. It’s amazing how in sports, everyone is connected. I am still reaping the benefits of her great wisdom!

Advice for up-and-comers wanting to break into sports industry: When I first started out, I would always ask a senior woman administrator at the college I was at what I should do. She had the best advice for me: If you see a job you’re interested in, apply. The difference between a man and woman when looking at a job description is a man will find two things in the description that he is good at and apply. A woman breaks down the description and thinks too much into it, that she needs to have every quality within it. If you think you’re qualified and a good fit for the role, then apply even if you don’t have EVERY qualification. Always say yes and just believe in yourself and abilities.

If you weren’t in sports, what would you be doing?: If I could have any job… I was really good at selling lotion at Bath & Body Works—discounts were good too! Ha I can’t imagine not being in sports, so I would probably be working at the collegiate level with student athletes on their career paths.

Favorite Book/Podcast: A lot of them but probably one that stands out is the Alchemist… I don’t want to give it away, but I like the message at the end of the book.

Favorite Game Day recipe: Gumbo—chicken and sausage gumbothe kind of out of the box but I do add extra ingredients! 

Friday Nights you can be found: (Laughing) Sitting on my couch watching Netflix and drinking wine.

Bucket list: To travel, Europe—London, Paris, Italy… those are top three.

TV Series: Watching Netflix—always Friends, I know every episode, but I still put it on at night before I sleep, AND I still watch the end even though I know what happens…Are they on a break, are they not, I don’t know!

What would your friends say your superlative is?: Most likely to be LATE ha, but maybe wittiest depending on the situation.

This or That:

Stay in or go out: Um, go out because I’m probably tired of being on my couch every day after work by the time Friday rolls around!

Sweet Treats or Savory Food: Sweets!

Beach Vacation or Explore a City: Explore a city

Cat Person or Dog Person: Dog!

Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert

Plan Everything or Go with the Flow: Go with the flow.