Women of the Front Office

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Articles, The League, The Team

Hear how the women of the Dallas Cowboys front office are breaking barriers and making a name for themselves in the sports industry.

Name: Delanie Foley

Title/Role: Director, Event Booking

Hometown: Memphis

College: Ole Miss

How’d you get into sports?: “Well funny story, it really is a right place, right time kind of answer. I was hosting a tailgate at Ole Miss and a friend of mine asked if some others could join from the Dallas Cowboys. Of course I said yes and one of those people ended up being Chad Estis, my now boss. I had wanted to work in sports so naturally we talked, and I learned a lot about how he got into the industry and working for the Cowboys.”

“I followed up in an email on Monday and asked about internship opportunities over the summer, and sure enough there was one open in stadium ticket sales. I went back to school for another year and upon graduation Chad had needs for an assistant and the rest is history. I’ve now evolved into assisting Chad in all things events at AT&T Stadium and The Star.”

Favorite Book/podcast: Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress Free Living

Role Model: “Chad Estis, outside of his immense success, it’s because of the relationships he’s built and the impact he has had on the people around him. He really does bring out the best in people.”

Why did you choose to work in sports?: “I grew up around sports, big football fan. I liked the experience/passion sports provide and how sports bring people together.”

What drives you to succeed?: “The people I get to work with every day, events we get to work on, the power of our brand—ability we have to take an event and make it so much bigger.”

Advice for up-and-comers: “Pick an area of the business and learn everything you can about it. Meet as many people as you can in the industry, not only meet but really build relationships with those people. Be likeable/relatable—have a good attitude.”

Favorite memory at the Dallas Cowboys: “September 11, 2016, we were playing the Giants at home, George Teague reenacted the September 11th game, ran out on the field with the flag, a tribute video played, and the Bush’s did the coin toss. The way the stadium felt and the ability the game had to unite everyone in that moment, it was something I’ve never experienced before. It was incredible.”

Favorite Game Day recipe: “Anything Easy! Beer Can Chili.”

If you weren’t in sports, what would you be doing?: “Being a mom or working in the private events/entertainment industry in general.”

Friday Nights you can be found: “In my kitchen eating Eatzi’s pizza chasing three children around the island.”

Bucket list: Vacation in the Amalfi Coast.

TV Series: “Anything Dick Wolf produces, all of them!”

What would your friends say your superlative is?: “Gosh that’s a hard one … let me ask them. *friend responds* ‘Most Ambitious’ well that’s boring…”

This or That:

Stay in or go out:
Stay In, definitely.”

Sweet Treats or Savory Food:
Sweet Treats.”

Beach Vacation or Explore a City:
Beach Vacation.”

Cat Person or Dog Person:
“Dog Person.”

Introvert or Extrovert:
(laughing) “Extrovert.”

Plan Everything or Go with the Flow:
Go with the flow … actually … plan everything. Definitely a planner.”